DWQA QuestionsCategory: CreatorIs Creator a group of higher beings then?
Karen Gore Staff asked 3 years ago

In a sense this is true. In a sense it may not be true, depending on the perspective of the questioner. So in a simple prosaic sense there is one Creator, the source of the voice you hear. In another sense all is Creator because everything you know as the universe extends from the Source Creator Being speaking with you now. All human beings and their souls originated from Source Creator and are extensions of Creator’s consciousness. So this is not trivial, this is not as has been described akin to being part of a film strip created by the divine, and entertainment on a cosmic screen in some respect, so that the human identity is simply a dream within our mind. That is far from the truth. The literal truth is all humans are part of Creator’s energy and extensions, and serve as a part of the Creator directly. They are extensions. They seem to be separate and distinct, but are very much still connected. It is very much like having your fingers poking out from the sleeves and seem to be separate because they are nothing like the shirt being worn, but beneath the clothing, the environment, the externally perceptible cloak, the fingers are connected to every other part of the being within. And that is a very good description of you asking the question, and those listening as well, being a part of me and all interconnected with one another in the same way.

You may not be aware of this, but your questioner asking us this question, is aware of this, and so it is a very deep metaphysical understanding and appreciation of this reality. And let us refer once again to the initial question of this session, about the need to turn away from the light.  For you to do so, is to deny your very existence and its actual origin and meaning. And so if you want to do an amputation you can do so, with respect to your awareness, but not in reality because the bonding and the connection to us will always be there. You can turn away and not look, and that is your choice to do. Many have taken that choice and are now disconnected and will be diminished in some ways, but it is their choosing and not ours. We will always welcome them back and they will never lose the connection to us for we are, in fact, supplying the life force to them to continue their existence. So we are one, we are fully intertwined, we are inseparable, and so we are omnipresent, all of us, as a collective. The conscious awareness of human will not embrace such a vast energetic awareness but this is the cosmic truth.