DWQA QuestionsCategory: ReincarnationDo Reptilians, while they are in the light, appreciate their origin being Creator and have a close relationship with you prior to returning into physical form, as is the case for humans who live with Creator while in the light but return into the physical with no memory?
Karen Gore Staff asked 2 years ago

This is quite closely parallel to human experience in that the Reptilians are aware of their divine origin and are in close communication with Creator during their sojourn between lifetimes, but they, too, incarnate in a disconnected state with respect to their awareness of the divine origin and a reduced ability to communicate with the divine realm because of the corruption by so much spirit meddler interference and the manipulation that has crept in, as well as some influence on their genome by the Anunnaki surreptitiously. This allows them to be functional criminals in physical form despite their divine origin and their reconnecting to the divine realm between incarnations, much as happens with human criminals who do find their way back to the light to eventually reincarnate, and in many cases returning to their old ways because of the karmic predispositions, if no healing has intervened during their time in the earth plane where the healing must occur to end the karmic pattern.