DWQA QuestionsCategory: Channeling PitfallsDo you have any suggestions for how I might best handle my student’s [name withheld] questioning of my channeling and its accuracy?
Karen Gore Staff asked 3 years ago

This you did anticipate in hearing the nature of the answers we gave you and seeing how they are in opposition to her preconceived ideas. This is a very useful exercise for you as it is certainly a prelude to what you can expect if you openly take on the existing channeler community and begin dissecting their information and check its validity, or simply ask for expanded information and then it is not forthcoming because it is based on fantasy for example. You will then be seen as falling short and not being truly authentic, not only by being different but not being able to have a similar command of the facts, so to speak. So this has been a fruitful exercise for you in giving you a taste of this.

The fortunate thing is she does have an appreciation and high regard for you and she will recover a bit in time from her initial pain in hearing the questioning of her assumptions. You can do a follow-up if you wish and simply give her some reassurance that she is very much on the right track with the things she probes into and is not doing any harm with her interpretations. And while there may be some difference of view in the details they are not of practical significance, and this in fact is true. The thing she finds disturbing is rejection of the popular channeler [name withheld] and this is understandable as you do not understand this either. And that is due to the cleverness of the subterfuge at work here. They (Anunnaki psychics) will go right up to the brink and acknowledge all kinds of truths about themselves and their dark doings if they see the channeler as having strategic value down the line in having a following who believes them avidly. This will serve them when things become critical and there is a need to keep people entrained and following the party line, so to speak.

So the harm is not great here although she is beginning to worry about you, but you can commiserate and simply reinstate the reasons you feel the way you do and reassure her you are not looking for trouble and you only made a special consideration in her case because of your close relationship to explore some things on her behalf and will not be doing that for a wider audience because of the problems that will result. The main idea you embrace in promoting the divine is one few can challenge with any reasonable argument and so you are on firm ground there. It is only your questioning of the views of others and their various spiritual messages that will rub people the wrong way. This you know already and have in fact discussed with her up front, so you can refer to that discussion and state your regret in having done so for her now that you see it is making her uncomfortable and that is not your desire.

And you can reassure her that the details are not so important in any case, and that she is doing quite nicely in seeing all she does and is being a force for good and that is quite clear, as you have been reassured before by us, which is in fact the case. She is a person who is serving the light and will continue to serve the light as far as current potentials are concerned. So you need not worry about her in any respect.

No one is doing everything from the authentic truth, but all are being shaped and molded and following distorted information to some extent or another, so she is right about that. And this is another point with which you both agree. And you can reassure her about this and only plead that you can only do what you do, as is true for her, and the facts will sort themselves out one day, and desiring to only help limits the damage, and stating that you do not see harm in what others are doing except in the instance it may not be the whole truth and leave out present dangers. That is a minor error in the sense of culpability. So time will tell whether there is a darker plan afoot or not. In the meantime, we suggest you continue to move on to those who are open to your message and this may well not be the case with many channelers, for reasons you can see here, that there is a high degree of vested interest that will bias their perception of your message and will incline them towards rejecting you altogether. That is unfortunate but is unavoidable.

You cannot win all hearts and minds. This is a quite difficult challenge and would be for anyone. You are learning and growing and toughening up as you go, and this as you are seeing, is quite necessary. But you are up to the task and your healing, as you have perceived, is strengthening you in each and every session. And this is raising you to a high level of functioning that will enable you to do well and to prevail against the opposing forces and the energies they bring to bear. You need not make everyone happy to be successful in the cause of the light and this will not be possible in any event. It is no different than any contest of beliefs or in a contest for being the dominant narrative. This is as true in what you undertake as in any political arena, where people come with differing perspectives and leanings and will not change their views simply because your arguments seem convincing to you. They will continue to be who they are and the arguments will tend to bounce off. If anything, they may make an accommodation to meet the opposition partway in order to gain a temporary alliance or advantage of cooperation, but this does not mean they will believe the opposition or their theology or politics.

So this is the real world and people are people. Most are quite rigid in their thinking and have long-held views that are quite ingrained and few have the ability to change their minds in substantial ways about most things. This is simply the arena you inhabit. You are more likely to win hearts and minds of those coming to these issues for the first time and have not already been co-opted by a perspective given through false channeling, for example. This is simply the way things. And so that is not to say all are rigid and inflexible, but it will often be the case that your views will be summarily rejected. You knew this going in and this is simply a demonstration of what to expect. You will not be believed simply by what you state you are doing and especially because of the message.

This can easily be turned around to include you, as she did in her message to you, that if you acknowledge the existence of many false channelers, what proves you to be authentic and not another false channeler, and that is a fair question for which the answers are difficult to provide in the typical format given for convenience, in an email for instance. There is a life-long development involved here to shape who you are, and when you are strong and when you are not, and what you believe and what you doubt. There are many, many, factors and this is always very ill-defined and is true for all believers. Even those who claim to have an epiphany that made them believe will have many nuances and many other underpinnings they are minimizing or may not even perceive that have also been a factor. So this is not something you can convey readily.

And so we again recommend the middle ground of proposing your view as a cautionary tale and raise the possibility that there may be subterfuge going on and simply asking people to be careful and to weigh the evidence carefully as well. That is the best you can do. Butting heads will not win hearts and minds, and so there are limits to the use of persuasion. Force will not be of value here.