DWQA QuestionsCategory: Divine CautionIs it true that spirit that manifests positive emotion, attracts more energy from Source than it consumes or disperses and spirit that manifests negative emotion (and that includes us as physical humans), consumes or disperses more energy than it attracts and accumulates from Source Creator?
Karen Gore Staff asked 2 years ago

This is very true. There is a strict correspondence between the energy utilized by a spirit or physical human and whether matching or extra energy is bestowed by Creator. If the person is giving love and kind thoughts they will be rewarded with plentiful additional energy to draw upon. This is why the truism exists that one can never run out of love. If that is a true emotion of the heart, the heart will always be full. On the other hand, if the thoughts turn dark, this will constrict the flow as it cannot be rewarded in kind because that would be causing harm to the individual and their soul expression. This we will not do. So it is the person’s choice to deplete themselves with no expectation of the consequences, and this can be the undoing if taken to an extreme.