DWQA QuestionsCategory: Extraterrestrial ImpostersIs the morphogenetic field defining the original human’s physical characteristics accessed or replicated in some way to allow the shape-shifting of Reptilian extraterrestrials to be so accurate, and is it accurate down to the molecular level, including the DNA of the original human?
Karen Gore Staff asked 3 years ago

This is all quite correct and both levels of information are important. As you are aware, the DNA that is present in the visible physical genome is not the sum total of information defining a living human nor its potential. Therefore, the pieces beyond the physical which contribute must be accessed and replicated as well. This involves both the akashic records and the morphogenetic field as both have important roles to play in the ongoing makeup of a living human. And the morphogenetic field, in particular, is critical for defining the morphology of the human body and its appearance, so is of prime importance for a successful imposter to take over the physical form and carry out a subterfuge that will pass any test of scrutiny except the most deliberate probing to look for flaws or inconsistencies in behavior.

The physical replication is accurate down to the molecular level, including the DNA sequence within the cells. So fingerprints and DNA analyses will seem to verify no difference from the original human, but that is merely the elegance and level of sophistication of the shape-shifting capability and will not be a definitive assessment of the Reptilian nature if this is suspected and were able to be probed by an outside observer. This is only discernible energetically and intuitively by seeing the overlay of the Reptilian energy within the person, but can be readily discerned by psychics who are able to see these frequencies.