DWQA QuestionsCategory: HealingMy client [name withheld] is still experiencing outbreaks of his old symptoms, although with much less severity. What can we expect to happen and is there more I need to do for him?
Karen Gore Staff asked 2 years ago

He is exhibiting what we were cautioning about previously, that his own mind can perpetuate his symptoms out of habit. This, in fact, is what is keeping the reemergence, even though on a lesser level of intensity. The easing of symptoms is owing to the healing work you requested on his behalf. That is holding nicely. The part remaining is his doing not ours. And so we are not able to block him from using his own mind and this is the nature of the contest underway here, that he and his body are not in alignment yet in wanting a full and complete resolution. This can be encouraged, and we would recommend another round of subconscious channeling with guided imagery to further allay the fears within the subconscious about the meaning and implications of these symptoms and other associated prior events that feed the inner fears. We will do all we can to add to your healing and will continue supporting him, as you move forward, as best we can.