DWQA QuestionsCategory: ReincarnationThere are vast bodies of research with hundreds of subjects doing life between life regression where subjects report not encountering any problems getting to the light after dying. Why is this the case when we have heard from you that fully 1/3rd of those dying do not successfully transition to the light?
Karen Gore Staff asked 2 years ago

The reasons are quite obvious if you think this through a bit. For one thing, those people exploring this idea and phenomenon have successfully made prior transitions to get to this point. They were in the light prior to their current incarnation so it’s not a problem to go back to the most recent life between lives and have some awareness of what that might be like. This is no conflict. It is simply a successful transition and accessibility of that history to the experiencer. That does not mean that they have not had their innings as a discarnate entity who became earthbound for a time. Eventually all will be rescued and all are given regular attention. It’s only if they are so incapacitated they cannot respond that it will continue to play out. Every case is different but this, in the grand scheme, is still a minor episode compared to all the lifetimes that humans have enjoyed and the vastness of their future as well.

As with all things in interacting with divine realm, information is brought to a person in response to their questions and their explorations and their level of understanding and awareness this is why some people see much information with great clarity and some only have the vaguest impressions of what the experience was like while in the light, and some have none at all. This is a function of ability to connect with the guidance as well as the level of belief within the individual. If the belief in the phenomena is shaky because there is some doubt about the possibility of its being real the divine realm cannot open a grand display and let the person in, and have a full reawakening and re‑experiencing, because it is a violation of their free will to be constrained. If that’s their current existence little will happen to reward them.

There are many reasons for the variety of things people will return with, in doing such an exploration. The idea of becoming an earthbound spirit and whether that might be in their history occurs quite rarely to someone embarking on such an undertaking. This is the reason it has not come up. If you do not ask about it you will not turn to such a chapter to take a look. As that was not an experience within the light, it would not normally be a part of a life between lives session because the intention and focus is totally on the divine realm and so if that were to be done with a differing intention there might be a re‑creation and a re-experiencing of times of great torment. This has little appeal to the average person and so that’s the reason it has not come up. It is not the focus and intention of the session typically, and as a result what is assisted to happen must stay within the framework of the requestor.