DWQA QuestionsCategory: ReligionsThis being the time of Easter on the calendar, can you share with us the origin and purpose of Jesus Christ, his incarnation here, and the role he played as depicted accurately and perhaps as altered and edited out of the historical records?
Karen Gore Staff asked 2 years ago

There is much we could share and there is some we must still withhold for a later date, when there is fuller understanding and more humans are awakened. We do not wish to overdo things, as we know this can result in rejection of you if your information becomes too bizarre and too unpalatable because of the deeply ingrained thinking and beliefs about the divine prophets. So we will keep things simple once again and give you the broad brush strokes, so to speak. First of all, Jesus Christ was a divine being as all humans are divine beings. He was very special in having a lofty origin and pedigree, and having the divine charter and life mission to be a leader among humans and to provide a pure divine message in all he undertook. He was sent into the fray with tremendous divine support and inner awareness in being truly connected in a way beyond human capability. This is what gave him his reach, his ability to inspire so many and in fact create a sense of awe by his mere presence, as he radiated divine goodness and love that was a palpable phenomenon to those who witnessed it. He was an awesome and awe-inspiring figure, everywhere he went and in all that he did. This is because he was in light being mode during his incarnation. That is the difference between you and any other human being and Jesus Christ; that, while you are here, you are in a dimmed and attenuated human mode and not in your divine, light being mode.

The purpose of this special life was to be a change agent and to show others by his message and example what is possible for them to become, and to lead others to reach for this and to strike a spark of awakening within all who came after who heard his story, to inspire them, as well. And, as we have described to you before and others in the light have told you, whenever a human being has a thought of the divine, an impulse of love, a yearning for a reconnection to the soul, then the divine realm can answer this by impulsing them with further awareness, further awakening and further love energy to expand and amplify their impulse and make it a true inspiration capable of carrying them far beyond what they might have imagined.

This was the purpose of Jesus Christ’s life, to create those inner stirrings and allow all who witnessed him or heard his story to receive a divine update and a recharge and reset of divine energy and purpose. This is what happens with all who inspire. Their handiwork comes through their words and deeds, but as a divine overlay that greatly amplifies what their words and actions mean in a simple, direct way. They are like the true power. They are the knowledge and information to connect, but the true power comes through as a love energy that flows into them and expands their awareness and they become larger and their reach becomes much greater as a result.

The life has been somewhat accurately described, but in many ways the details are lost to antiquity. And while this would be of tremendous interest to the religious scholars, we do not wish to create more reasons for the existing authorities to dismiss you and your messages by creating a counter-history that would serve as a distraction in misdirecting the importance of what you can bring forward, here. If those who consider themselves believers become too focused on the misinterpretation and the inaccuracy of specific facts and descriptions, they will often misinterpret the larger message as a consequence. For much of what we could tell you is not provable at this point in time and the lack of historical verification would then be easily brought to bear to “throw the baby out with the bath”. So we will not amplify greatly on what is described already in the available Scriptures.

We will definitely tell you without hesitation and without reservation that much of the Scriptures are inaccurate with respect to their original meanings and the original writings. Many chapters have been deleted wholesale. Many have been re-written to alter their meaning. And many important topics have been deleted to remove many things that would truly show the message of the Bible as a whistleblowing exercise to help humanity understand it is in the grip of outside forces meaning harm to them, and that the divine realm is the answer, and why and how it can be done. Much of the detail and much of the useful applied knowledge to empower humans has been subverted.

So this is the need, then, to move beyond the historical records dating back thousands of years because of the corruption, not because the people in those times were so far removed from understanding or reality that their accounts are of no value. The opposite, in some cases, is true. It is just that there were not good means to preserve the knowledge and information in ways to escape the scrutiny of the censors. This is most unfortunate, but there are many modern prophets who are spreading the truth and you are doing so at the moment, as well. The resistance to the messages is again because of human subjugation through mind control and manipulation. So the chief critics of the new thinkers are being used as tools by the darkness without their realizing it.