DWQA QuestionsCategory: Extraterrestrial ImpostersWhat is the average lifespan of a Reptilian not serving as a human imposter?
Karen Gore Staff asked 2 years ago

The average lifespan of a Reptilian is 400 years, and it could be considerably longer but is not so because of the state of great depletion they have undergone because of spirit meddler interference with their functioning and well-being. It is much as happens with humans where the DNA downgrade has reduced the typical lifespan in the pre-extraterrestrial era of humanity and even into that era, where lives were in the 800-900 year range. So the contrast between what you see today and that prior reality is quite great. The same has happened to the Reptilians, not at the hands of other extraterrestrials, but simply from the spirit degradation. So this puts them at a disadvantage and they are continuing to suffer and are on a downward track. They do recognize this and seek technological solutions, but this will not be the ultimate benefit they expect.