MAP (SSP) Abductee Channeled by Karl Mollison 05July2020

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MAP (SSP) Abductee Channeled by Karl Mollison 05 July 2020

MAP stands for Mercenary Army Program and it is also more popularly known as the Secret Space Program. MAP has been determined to be a more accurate term for what is actually going on. The trappings around the term Secret Space Program are a perfect set up for confusion, disinformation and also provides ample red flags that become very obvious once we get an education about this topic.

Most explanations are misleading and this is evidenced by the testimonies themselves from those who are likely members. The descriptions of their experiences fit more closely to the idea of abduction, various manipulations and deceits to garner their participation and cooperation.

In fact, most of the discoveries along the way reveal what may be viewed as a very dark agenda for anyone involved.

These are the signs to look for if you suspect that you might be a MAP Abductee.

Tired in the morning, like you’ve been out working all night.

Unexplained marks on your body. Injuries that cannot be accounted for.

Loss of time. Especially childhood memories of chunks of missing time.

Military affiliations: parents, uncles and aunts and/or grandparents in the military, intelligence services, defense contractors, civilian working in classified military installations.

You yourself are in the military.

Extraordinary interest in anything related to space, ET’s, Astronomy, the occult sciences and exotic military arts.

Unexplained PTSD symptoms.

Unexplained symptoms of Dissociative identity disorder (DID), previously known as multiple personality disorder (MPD).

Fragmented memories of being on a space ship or among ET’s/non-human entities.

Waking night paralysis.

Frequent sightings of UFO or lights that seem to interact with your unspoken thoughts.

Sightings of UFO or lights that instill fear or give you the feeling that you are being watched or studied.

Some or all of these may be present. Some extreme cases are known where the abductee may have only one of the signs noted above, but actually is very involved as a MAP Abductee. In some cases, the abductee has had multiple lives as a member of the MAP. This is not a new phenomenon at all. It goes back thousands of years.

One thing that you may have heard is the term “20 and back” and this has been verified through the channeling work of Karl Mollison. This entails time travel and regression where the subject is taken out of their lives to serve a term of twenty years and then returned to the same time, location and age with the illusion that nothing has happened.

The common scenario is that the abductee is taken in childhood, pre-teen or as a teenager, then serves the 20 years in a training of sorts that may include rather harsh tests of loyalty, endurance and reliability to do what is commanded. They are often implanted with memories of having some noble function or duties.

Many if not all of the females are pressed into some type of sex slavery role and as their memories are accessed this is often not made known until quite late into the investigation or not at all. Also many of the female abductees are impregnated and their babies are harvested early term and sometimes their memories of this are enmeshed into narratives about saving humanity or some other human-like ET race that depends upon their cooperation for sharing their offspring and DNA. Genetic material from males is also taken for use in this breeding program. This purpose of this program is to create ET Grey/ Human hybrids.

Almost all of these so-called screen memories for both the males and females serve as cover for some very dark doings and manipulations including trauma based mind control of the abductees and unfortunately other innocent victims that serve as expendable training tools.

Our studies into these MAP Abductee phenomena include channelings of the victim’s higher selves, direct questions to Creator and deep subconscious Holographic Memory Resolution sessions using the channeling work of Karl Mollison to access the client’s deep subconscious.

The emphasis in this work is healing and not a fact finding mission or for the purposes of digging up salacious stories which are already what we mostly find when looking into the subject of those involved, real or imagined, in the Secret Space Program.

Unfortunately, most of what one will find on the internet, YouTube and even in some allegedly well researched books is disinformation. This is by design because for the dark alien agenda, the MAP phenomena must remain a secret in order for their long range plans to be carried out in the fashion they prefer: namely, the ET’s running the show here on earth intend to use the MAP members to operate as a militarized cleanup crew to kill their fellow humans after the death and destruction currently being wrought upon humans is largely completed. MAP abductees are also regularly cloned. They are used as a template to create programmable robots that look exactly like the abductee, in order to expand the cohort which will be used as minions for the ET’s planned final solution.

The questions used in this channeling session were supplied by MAP abductees.

Everything You Need to Know about the Secret Space Program

Everything You Need to Know about the Secret Space Program

People’s interest in secret space programs has existed for as long as space programs have. But the widespread popularity of this pursuit can be traced back to when a seemingly random Facebook group planned to storm Area 51—one of the most guarded/secretive places in the world.

The response was swift. The area was never stormed, but the hype lives on. This event did what decades of truth-seekers failed to do: it piqued people’s interest, compelling them to find out more about what the various governments of the world do in their super-secret laboratories in secluded areas.

Some of the most interesting elements of the secret space program have been discussed in this blog.

Montauk Project and the USS Eldridge

No other experiment is as mindboggling and as revealing as the Montauk Project and the disappearance of the USS Eldridge.

Pretty similar to the Philadelphia Experiment, scientists created an electromagnetic field around the USS Eldridge. As a result, the Eldridge vanished. It did reappear, in the exact position it had been in—but the crew wasn’t the same as before.

Some of the crew members suffered mental damage, others physical, and others still were emotionally traumatized. One can only surmise that these experiments did not stop here. The disappearance and reappearance of a ship, using electromagnetic fields, is proof that space travel is possible.

The Kidnapped Boys

Those of you who have seen the Netflix series, Dark, will know what we mean when we say ‘the kidnapped boys.’ In the show, boys keep disappearing in different years—and they all appear in a completely different time period—in the past. As the show goes on, we find out that the boys are tortured before being subjected to a time traveling experiment.

This was another aspect of the Montauk Project: how boys were being abducted for the experiment to be performed on them. And there’s more: torture was definitely part of it. Turns out Netflix did its research—and so have we.

Stranger Things

Stranger things

Interestingly, another Netflix series seems to mirror the particulars of this infamous secret space program. And it’s a cult favorite—Stranger Things. The Camp Hero base became the stuff of legends when stories of mind control experiments done on children started making the rounds. The facility is in Long Island, New York.

For those who haven’t seen Stranger Things, the show is about a boy who gets lost in another dimension, a psychic girl with superhuman powers, and sinister experiments in strange labs. Sounds stranger than fiction?

Well, this has all also been said about the Montauk Project.

And we know this for a fact because Preston Nichols, who served as an electrical engineer in the project, said so. According to him, the facility was focused on creating a time vortex—and more.

Interested in Finding Out More?

If you’re interested in finding out more about extraterrestrial mind control and about extraterrestrial abductions, Get Wisdom is where you ought to be right now.

Viewer Questions for Creator Channeled by Karl Mollison 26Apr2020

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Viewer Questions for Creator Channeled by Karl Mollison 26Apr2020

1) The Chinese coronavirus is spread as aerosols, not merely as droplet dispersion. Is this virus being distributed by chemtrails? The USA continues to be hit hard by chemtrails. Can the Lightworker Healing Protocol be modified to address exposure or elimination of chemtrails, at least in the USA if not globally? And finally is the mainstream media being used to disinform the public about the severity of this pandemic?

2) It has been stated in the Adolph Hitler channeling, as well as others, that WWII was slated to be the final solution for the pesky humans on Earth. It was also stated that this was avoided because of many prayers with a resultant divine intervention.  This would seem to go against Creator’s statement that ANY killing is non-divine.  WWII has always been characterized as the “good” war, and that it was necessary to stop Hitler. Could you clear this up for us?

3) Is there any truth to the idea that more enlightened/awake/aligned with the Divine a person becomes, the faster they may experience the effects of karma, and therefore the stakes appear to be higher for the wiser, more spiritually advanced person, although it may actually be a difference only in the size of the experienced gap between an action and its consequence?

4) In recent years, there has been a rock/megalith discovery on Gornaya Shoria/ Mount Shoria in southern Siberia in Russia. Was this an enormous rock structure created by the Anunnaki or another ET Race? If so, what was the significance of this site? Was the Trilithon at Baalbek and Gobekli Tepe also Anunnaki sites, possibly used for sacrifice and ’entertainment” of Anunnaki?

5) A well known whistleblower who claims to be a part of, or a former member of, the Secret Space Program, or what is known here as the Mercenary Army Program, states that the German breakaway culture in space has time traveled and established 50 colonies in space with approaching one billion in population each and they are in contact with other ET groups not yet described here. This is 7 times the Earth’s current human population. Is this true? If it is true, is the Lightworker Healing Protocol work being done here benefit these supposed off planet human populations? What about the off planet human slave colonies that we already know about?

6) You have said that perhaps 10% of babies born today are ET hybrids who are categorically soulless beings. How does this affect the karma involved when they interact with their families and others in their lives? If a divine human family member were to mistreat the hybrid child, for example, does that incur karma for the human in the same way as it would if a human child were involved?

7) Seeing as how we were ill-equipped to handle the interlopers with this current divine human project and we fail and humanity is eliminated, what would Creator do differently, if anything, for the next attempt for the divine human? Would the ET races be eliminated as well or would there be another attempt to place them back on Earth? Would we be given any other upgrades to make us less susceptible to manipulation? From my understanding, it is not the fault of humans for not being able to withstand the evil spirits and ET meddling because we are just not equipped with enough capability to do some, right from the outset. Was this a miscalculation by Creator thinking we were given enough to overcome the great power of the interlopers or why weren’t we given some baseline programming not to at least be so easily reprogrammed?

In question 2) Karl Mollison continues to channel information about Adolph Hitler, WWII, and divine intervention to save humanity. Learn more by checking out the original Hitler channeling from 2017. Webinar: Healing Secret Space Program (MAP) Recruits 12Jan2020

This Video Requires a FREE Participant Membership or Higher Webinar: Healing Secret Space Program (MAP) Recruits 12Jan2020

What we’ll cover in this event …

Do SSP/MAP Recruits Undergo Severe Mind Manipulation?
Humans recruited (manipulated or volunteered) for the SSP/MAP (Secret Space Program that Creator calls the Mercenary Army Program) are kept in line by causing fragmentation of the mind into subparts, so that a part of the them can be called on to carry out clandestine work and then submerge leaving no conscious awareness. We explore how this works and how it can be counteracted.

Can MAP Recruits be Deprogrammed?
To save members of the MAP from being further manipulated by the Extraterrestrial Alliance, they must have their programming removed to regain stability and self-control. We will discuss the role of the Lightworker Healing Protocol in bringing to bear effective divine healing.

Are MAP Recruits Managed Between Tours of Duty?
Unfortunately, in the same way US soldiers have always been considered GIs (Government Inventory), those who serve in the MAP are considered alien property and are recallable. If they do forbidden things suggesting they are thinking too freely, they are reined in using coercion of various kinds. Karl & Denny will share case study examples.

What are the Prospects for Preventing MAP Mayhem?
Karl & Denny will share Creator’s feedback about how our healing outreach is progressing in addressing the problems and agenda of the MAP, and our ability to rescue recruits from the adverse consequences of their involvement.

Viewer Questions and Answers
The Founders will interact with the viewing audience and answer viewer questions about healing secret space program (MAP) recruits … Webinar: Secret Space Program Agenda & Consequences 07Jul2019

This Video Requires a  FREE  Participant Membership or Higher Webinar: Secret Space Program Agenda & Consequences 07Jul2019

What we’ll cover in this event  …

Is the SSP Involved in Middle East Tensions?
Karl & Denny will share Creator’s words about who is responsible for the attacks on oil tankers in the Gulf of Oman, and who is provoking reprisals. They will also discuss a divine intervention to contain things.

Is There Unappreciated Motive for Russian Collusion Story?
Who benefits and why, from getting half the U.S. population or more, to hate Russia for its presumed presidential election meddling? Where might this be heading in terms of potential international conflicts? Karl & Denny share Creator’s answers.

How are the Minds of SSP Recruits Manipulated to Join?
Karl & Denny will discuss yet more ways that mind control is employed to make humans cooperative, obedient, willing to act against human nature, and able to forget what they have done.

What Complicates Healing SSP Survivors?
The level of trauma and manipulation recruits are subjected to creates significant healing challenges. Karl & Denny will discuss the way the Lightworker Healing Protocol is employed to help these individuals, and how things are going overall to address this threat to humankind.

Viewer Questions and Answers
The Founders will interact with the viewing audience and answer viewer questions about secret space program agenda & consequences …