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 Viewer Questions for Creator Channeled by Karl Mollison 17Oct2017

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Viewer Questions for Creator Channeled by Karl Mollison 17Oct2017

[00:18:51]: Why does the E.T. alliance: Anunnaki, Nordics and Reptilians want our planet for themselves so badly, and/or to eliminate humanity? 

[00:27:55]: Can you expound on the idea of freedom and the fear of death? 

[00:31:39]: Can you also expound on the fear of death? 

[00:38:42]: When a message is given does not align with the light, what is it that we are being asked to accept? 

[00:41:18]: Have some practices that could be beneficial such as meditation been deliberately made difficult through DNA or mind control manipulation to cause humanity to feel that they cannot be successful in applying these methods? 

[00:52:40]: Is our higher self the highest evolved aspect of our soul assuming other aspects exist in higher dimensions? 

[00:57:00]: When people die on Earth and return to the light, do they become aware of their other lifetimes, on other worlds? If so are they trapped into reincarnation on Earth, or are they consciously free to either return to Source, or go on to an existence in other worlds or dimensions, as their soul’s evolution permits, making this last lifetime their final earth lifetime? 

[01:11:32]: Was the Reptilian being that replaced Admiral Karl Donitz an actual physical Reptilian or one who either literally shape-shifted, or was using sonic field projection to make all the humans think he was Donitz. Or if it was just the Reptilian soul that was implanted into a cloned body of Donitz. How does this literally work given that the testimony from the light being Donitz was that he was killed.? 

[01:17:50]: How do you resolve the fact that the state claims a monopoly of violence and yet human government is generally accepted as needed? 

[01:27:40]: What can you tell us about giants that once lived on the American continent? 

[01:31:32]: We noticed that we missed this question Sunday night. Why was Santa Rosa California chosen as a location for the fire storm attack?