Creator Questions and Answers Channeled by Karl Mollison

This database contains many questions we have asked Creator and received answers directly via channeling Creator’s consciousness so it can speak through us. Transcripts of the recorded sessions are quoted verbatim, with only logical paragraph breaks and punctuation marks added.

Most are our questions, some are asked on behalf of our clients, and some are from viewers of our website who have something they want to learn. We are interested in the workings of the universe at all levels from the personal to the cosmic, where problems come from especially, and how to find solutions.

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If you want to search more than one word at a time, you must use the advanced multi word search feature without hitting [ENTER]. (When you hit [ENTER] you simply perform the search described above with the words used as an exact phrase only.) Look for a single result below the input box dynamically as you type. This result may include one or all of the words you type. For example, if you search for one and two, it will return one plus two as well as one, two, etc., if those combinations happen to be in the result. The result will contain the most instances and combinations of the search words in the database. But again, you are limited to only a single result with this feature. You are advised to use this feature to discover words and exact phrases you can use with the main search (described in the first paragraph above) to return more desired results.

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