DWQA QuestionsCategory: Extraterrestrial Mind ControlIs the mind control currently being exerted on all humans the same strength for everyone?
Karen Gore Staff asked 3 years ago

The mind control manipulation does vary. The intention is for it to reach all and influence all. Some individuals are quite resistant. Those are the people who emerge as the lightworkers and are on the vanguard in the quest for understanding the metaphysical realm and understanding the spiritual purpose of life. Most people are closed and many are totally under the control of the manipulators. There is also greater attention given to people in positions of power and leadership within society among the human community, because of their importance to the whole. It is quite important for the interlopers to control them to be sure they will not act in opposition but may in fact work against humanity without realizing their bad choices will cause a huge problem in the future.

And this is the reason why all institutions are inefficient and often working at cross purposes, and never solving the serious problems, and in many cases adding new problems into the mix. So the mind control is universal but there are varying resistances and some are singled out for special attention. And this is true for the lightworkers and the whistleblowers in particular, because they are the true threat. It is the so-called fringe community of conspiracy theorists who are actually awake and understanding there is more going on than what is seen on the surface, because they are not being subjugated. This makes them quite dangerous, and so the efforts are redoubled to attempt to reach them and if all else fails they will reach them by working through false messengers, the corrupt channelers, the people working ostensibly to help disclosure but actually promoting false solutions to the problem, to disempower people in the guise of bringing them truth and wisdom. So this is the spectrum of activities at the present.