DWQA QuestionsCategory: Benevolent ExtraterrestrialsUnder what conditions would benevolent ETs ever contact humans and why?
Karen Gore Staff asked 3 years ago

As we alluded to earlier in the discussion here, the benevolent ETs at the moment are constrained from direct interaction on a routine basis. This interaction is selective and is always with divine approval. It happens through certain channelers, it happens sometimes energetically when their help is needed to effect a physical manipulation—for example of the Earth’s electromagnetic grid for various reasons to provide a counterbalance to some encroaching negative manipulation. And it does happen with some other messaging experiences of synchronicity, the individual awarenesses of those who are on life missions here from other galaxies and stars systems wishing to help and the bringers of light. Many do have some intuitive awareness of their origins and will be visited energetically by such beings. And the crop circles are another example that is being done to give encouragement and raise hope among humans who perceive these correctly as a divine message. They are divine because all things are divine but they are done not by us but by the higher dimensional extraterrestrial energies serving to plant the seeds of awareness that great things are coming, there is more to the universe than the Earth and all its problems. And so this has our blessing and is awakening many individuals and giving the hope, which is the intention.

Those who claim to interact regularly with advanced extraterrestrial beings are being fooled. They are being duped by imposters who are usually shape-shifting Reptilian beings, pretending to be special races with an advanced origin and standing, and representing advanced extraterrestrial organizations and alliances that are here to help. But this is a false notion. It is a diversion and a time-wasting exercise to co-opt meaningful outreach and preparation to have the human betterment come from the human side which is the necessity here. As we said, there will not be a rescue from such a source. It will come from, and by, and for humans. So these beings are imposters and these people are being misled. It is most unfortunate because the intentions are worthy and well meaning. But this illustrates the complications that can arise in embracing a false source and then putting all your faith and trust in that source. This is a difficulty that has plagued many individuals seeking truth. And the problem will continue until it eventually is solved with the expulsion of the interlopers themselves. This is a high-stakes undertaking and there are very elegant disinformation campaigns being conducted at all levels of society.