DWQA QuestionsCategory: Extraterrestrial AbductionsAre extraterrestrial and Earth-based military abduction still occurring and what is the purpose?
Karen Gore Staff asked 3 years ago

This is still very much ongoing. And there is still an active interplay with all who have been through the program. This is very much the creation of a human contingent of warriors who are subjected to relentless mind control manipulation to entrain them to the extraterrestrial objectives and agenda, largely through ensuring their willing compliance with any orders given to them. This is done with the implementation of false propaganda to make them believe they are warriors for the planet and defenders of the planet from extraterrestrial foes, and will be heroes. This is the opposite of the truth.

In reality they are all being groomed to be used as a warrior force against humans themselves, and when and if this comes into reality, they will be manipulated to pull the trigger and to kill. This is no different than the current military who go to war on command as they are trained to do so. Not to be politicians, and certainly not to think in divine ways about the appropriateness of directing drones to kill individuals, or to bomb entire communities, or to attack would-be warriors in the field, and that they need killing and this is a just cause—serving one’s country.

All represent corruption of the divinity of the people involved. And you can see the reality of this in the broken lives of your heroes who survived the wars of the past, whose suicide rates are often higher than the entire immediate casualties of those conflicts. These are wounded beings because they carry deep soul wounds. People are not supposed to be killers. This is the purpose of the Secret Space Program and that is why it is secret. It is a clandestine force being shaped and manipulated to serve the extraterrestrials to do their bidding, and to do the dirtiest of dirty work as all humans are expendable to them, and they care not how many might perish. This is a long-standing development that has gone on for many, many, years. Not all trainees have reached that level of subjugation, but all are subjected to the attempt to recruit them fully and make them in essence a robotic minion in service to extraterrestrial agendas.