DWQA QuestionsCategory: DisinformationWhat is the significance of climate change and should it be considered anthropogenic (man-made)?
Karen Gore Staff asked 3 years ago

This will be a disappointment to many to hear, but the entire climate change movement is a distraction and a propaganda campaign by the darkness to misdirect human capital and resources to a kind of folly—to drain the coffers around the world by having as many governments as possible contributing monies to fight the sun. This is a completely unnecessary action. There is some warming taking place and this is perfectly in alignment with the Earth being in an interglacial period and warming is expected to occur under those circumstances. The increased use of fossil fuels by humans is a perfect example of correlation but not causation. And so this has provided fuel for the argument that it is the fault of human. And this again, as in all such misdirections, serves the darkness. It is always the human’s fault. Humans are the ones born in sin. Humans are the ones who have strayed. Humans are the ones killing one another. It is all on their heads. They are spoiling the planet. And they are now filling in the air with emissions that will cause a ramping up of earth temperature. And then the oceans will rage with storms and the seas will rise, and the Earth will go through such huge changes that farming may become impossible, lands will become arid, people will lack fresh water, and on, and on, and on.

These are all projections and the god of science here is itself corrupted, with significant mind control. Many climate scientists are under heavy manipulation to tweak their models and propose their hypotheses to support the idea of anthropogenic global warming. But this is all a propaganda campaign with no truths. To be sure there are tiny effects but they are small, they are not significant. There are other reasons to reduce the carbon emission and those are valid because the pollution is increasing of air and water, both. There are better ways to obtain energy. Unfortunately, these are being denied to you, and are well known by the extraterrestrials and have been discovered by humans as well, but commandeered and kept secret by the darkness in manipulating their human minions. So this is a false notion in every respect and is being used like so many other human endeavors to deplete human resources.

So all the money going to support the climate movement is wasted money. In the same way many other programs are make‑work that are promoted for false reasons, like the space program. They are a drain on the national coffers when many are suffering with illness and even from hunger, and so are a misallocation of efforts with a poor set of priorities being promulgated through mind control and manipulation to darken every person and keep them focused on selfish interests and to dampen their compassion and eradicate all such notions to the extent they can.