DWQA QuestionsCategory: Human PotentialHow is the light winning when the darkness seems so prevalent and even seems to be increasing?
Karen Gore Staff asked 2 years ago

What you are seeing about you at the current time is in a very real sense a last gasp of the opposition, for they can see the tide is beginning to turn in a serious way, in favor of the light. And they are simply creating a backlash to try to overwhelm those aligned with the light, to discourage them, to distract them, to disempower them yet again.

If people stand strong and hold the light within, and shine the light without, they will prevail and nothing can stop them. We are staying the hand of the interlopers who have the capability to completely destroy the planet and everything on it. This is being prevented from happening. You are safe from this level of calamity. But if you choose to partner with them, if you choose to give in to them, if you choose to trust them and let them have even greater control, this will be a slippery slope from which you may not regain your footing. This is the part left to you to decide. We will not do it all. This is the test. If humanity can survive on their own and make things happen in alignment, they will continue to grow and flourish. You are in charge of our plan, not us.