DWQA QuestionsCategory: Human PotentialHow great is the threat to humanity by artificial intelligence?
Karen Gore Staff asked 3 years ago

As with all technology there is both good and bad. You can see this across the board with all that has been put in place thus far. So the Internet has tremendous reach and ability to connect people in unprecedented ways, but sacrificing privacy, sacrificing safety and security, inviting a way to have those who work against humanity reach the masses electronically, both with propaganda, with their bad events they create being readily brought to human consciousness planet‑wide, instead of locale by locale, as well as subliminal mind control propagation through electronics and the media, so there is a good and bad in everything. Electrical power has obviously tremendous benefit in creating modern civilization: climate control for the home, being able to read in the evening, and at night, being able to work around the clock in service to a business that must maintain output. All of these things are much more feasible with electricity. But yet the electrical grids throw off harmful electromagnetic radiation that has adverse health consequences, and so on. So we are not here to spoil your day. We are only treating you as grownups to see that everything has choices associated. Some things have wonderful benefits but must be used quite judiciously to not have more downside than benefit. One recent example from the news is the opioid epidemic. The very rescuing medication for those in severe pain can be a scourge when abused. The same is true for artificial intelligence. At the same time it encourages productivity, and the efficiencies and the great benefits that ensue, it throws people out of work and makes their careers obsolete.

And this is happening increasingly across the board, to the point where very few humans may be needed at some point as workers, and the rest will not have a means to generate income. Unless there is a meaningful and fair distribution of benefits this will cause huge social upheaval. So this is just one milestone on that path. The best example we can give to you of the downside is the reality that there are alien Grey beings among you who do all manner of human manipulation in service to their masters, and who now are working for their own benefit unilaterally, as they are a high‑level example of artificial intelligence. They are soulless robotic beings. They have humanoid features, and have high intelligence, and they are selfish to the core. So they are serving their own agenda and manipulate humans at will with no compunction. So they do not have love, because love is a divine attribute and will not come from DNA . It comes from above and they are not connected to the divine realm. So this is a perfect example of artificial intelligence. It is disconnected from the soul level of experience and knowing, and the choices that spring from being in divine alignment. Therefore all such technologies must have human oversight and a keen awareness of the pitfalls to not give too great a power to such a technology because it will end up being self‑serving, and this will backfire. So this is a learning opportunity and this is true of all technologies.

This is a phase of experiencing that humanity is learning from along the way. The ultimate destiny envisioned is to be in a higher plane, and in that mode technology has no purpose or value as people will be living solely through consciousness, which is the greatest force of the universe. So you will be able to create anything desired instantly. You will be able to travel and be anywhere you choose instantly. You will not need taxicabs. You will not need airplanes. You will not need cellular phones, and you will not need television, for you can tap into the universal pool of consciousness and experience directly anything that happens in the moment, anything in what we would see as the past, or anything in the future. All can be accessed with a mere thought and focus of concentration. So there is nothing technological that will ultimately serve your divine growth and progression. All are circumstantial benefits and liabilities, as the case may be, stepping stones on the way to your future, but not an ultimate answer. They are a false god, so to speak, because they only give you more of the same. They do not give true answers for the meaning of life and will not help you grow spiritually.