DWQA QuestionsCategory: Subconscious MindWhat are the causes and consequences of a poor connection between the conscious and subconscious levels of the mind?
Karen Gore Staff asked 4 years ago

Once again, this is the hallmark and handiwork of the interlopers who have worked to cause a suppression of awareness. What this does is to have many things ongoing that rumble and are bubbling up from below and brewing as troubling issues for the subconscious mind to reckon with, but which do not come into the awareness of the conscious perception. They are not possible to countermand through conscious awareness and the higher level of sophistication of the conscious self that draws on all of the adult learning and seasoning and maturity. The subconscious, the inner child, so to speak, is left on its own to flounder, and the consequences can be quite devastating for the body.

If there is awareness of the struggle at all, it will often be indirect and be felt as tension or anxiety in most cases, but also many times physical symptoms as well, as the subconscious has much control over the nerve networks and can cause many bodily sensations. So there can be severe disruptions of digestive function, interference with motor functions or creation of oddities like tics and tremors, or muscle weakness, or the triggering of pain centers to create discomfort that may occur again and again with things such as chronic headaches, or muscle twinges and pains that can rise to a level seeking medical attention; such as a bad back whose cause may remain elusive. The consequences of this disconnection are many and varied, but these are some examples to think about; that the separation always comes with a price. And when the suppression is more severe, the person may feel like they are doing just fine and nothing is wrong, but the body is receiving much negative energetic disruption and there can be silent symptoms; for example, essential hypertension, which has no known cause, but we can tell you is caused by the subconscious stress experienced by that deep level of the mind out of view by the conscious self, so the possibility is never even considered. The consequences of the separation are many and varied, but are a major cause of human misery.