DWQA QuestionsCategory: Channeling PitfallsWhat is the percentage of channelers accurately and reliably channeling the divine beings they think they are?
Karen Gore Staff asked 3 years ago

As we have told you before, more than 90% of channelers are being duped and are not channeling the divine figures they believe they reach and talk with. In almost all cases, there is an imposter, a lower being of some kind, either a dark spirit or a human discarnate spirit, or an extraterrestrial psychic, who steps forward and claims to have the identity of the divine figure being sought. And if the channeler accepts this response without question and begins a relationship, it must be allowed by the divine realm, as all things are allowed in human plane.

We understand that many people would never envision that a dark spirit or an extraterrestrial consciousness could elbow their way to the front of the line and claim to be an archangel or a benevolent extraterrestrial from an advanced civilization, and that this would be allowed, that the actual genuine archangel would ever allow this to happen, let alone a loving God. But if you think about this, it is no different than the human criminals pretending to be a repair person or represent some company as a salesman to gain entrance, and then may rob or injure the trusting person who lets them in. Such criminal acts are allowed by divine realm as human business.

This is not to say there will be no consequences through a need to repay or balance the damage, but in the immediate reality they must be allowed to make their choices, and it is up to each person to safeguard themselves and their loved ones, knowing such things can happen. This is why doors have locks, and people have higher selves to help to warn them in many instances when someone is there for a dark purpose and they may get a funny feeling. It may well be their higher self warning or Creator warning them to not let their guard down. We are not always listened to, and then things happen from there.

So this is the responsibility of all, to watch out for the imposters and to question. It is always a good idea to survey the landscape and not put all your trust on a single source. There are many truths. There are many who bring forward truth. No one person knows everything. There are many signs one can follow: looking at the motivation of the person to see whether what they do serves love or serves themselves, does it take away from others, is it a gift of loving kindness in some way? These are not foolproof, but they can be helpful. Listening to the heart is of value because you will be tuning in to your higher self and will receive warnings or encouragement according to the true nature of someone claiming to have extraordinary reach.

There are many deliberate disinformation campaigns taking place throughout the human culture, with much corruption of the spiritual community, as well as many who wish to investigate the extraterrestrial question. Both are activities demonstrating that the persons involved are escaping mind control manipulation to some degree, for most people are suppressed and not actively seeking enlightenment, or further understanding, or information about the extraterrestrial presence. Those individuals, in particular, must be dealt with by the extraterrestrials to maintain their dark agenda. So there are many campaigns to subvert them.

False channelers are a convenient way to do this, proffering a focus on sweetness and light, but with no mention of deeper problems, or the offering of genuine solutions, even for personal healing, that actually work and can reach the deep inner problems with solutions. Most will be offering superficial answers, and misdirection, a preoccupation with a kind of fluff that is appealing but will not have much depth nor great value in changing behavior and alleviating suffering.

The most significant point of differentiation is whether they involve God in the discussion in some way and invite people to request the assistance of divine realm in an active, ongoing, repeated fashion. This the extraterrestrials do not dare recommend because it will be their undoing. Even as a subterfuge, they would be playing with fire. And so the false channelers will not be so explicit. They will promote human development, and personal enlightenment, and an outreach in vague ways to the great beyond, to the universal awareness, and other vague descriptions of an enlightened state, but will not truly embrace the light with a divine label in wanting to invoke the divine consciousness as an ally.