DWQA QuestionsCategory: Channeling PitfallsCan you explain for us the ways people become corrupted in attempting to channel divine beings?
Karen Gore Staff asked 3 years ago

There are many pitfalls in doing a divine outreach. For the most part, channelers never think about safety, they never think about possible risks, and they also are usually not in a high enough vibration to enable a clear connection and maintain it. This is because of too much inner emotional pain, and that is the human dilemma after all, that you are all walking wounded. And so there are many pitfalls, there are inner doubts, lack of confidence and belief in one’s ability—all will diminish and often preclude a divine connection, for we must accept that self-assessment as the desire of the person to have that experience of disconnection and failure, and must stand aside. Such a person will be easy prey for an imposter to swoop in and take up the dialogue. This is the most common reason for channelers to be duped and then never achieve their goal.

And most who do, cannot sustain it for a great length of time without dropping their guard along the way and then being corrupted, and from that point continuing to embrace the corrupting influence as being genuine and never question what follows.

There are others who may start out as genuine channelers, but then have trouble handling the responsibility without too much ego involvement. This, too, will corrupt things and will cause the divine realm to hold back and step back at times. The darkness is always watching and will swoop in when there is such a misstep and they will be happy to take over as a false voice when this happens, and is, in effect, chosen by the human to engage with. It must then be allowed by divine realm as the choice of human to make a bad partnership.