DWQA QuestionsCategory: Divine CautionOn the other side of this, is it not enough that there are others for example the three of us creating protective light requests, meaning our collective will/light/request to intervene and initiate a rescue of humans in the extraterrestrial slave colonies?
Karen Gore Staff asked 2 years ago

The answer is difficult to give in a cut and dried fashion as stated, and we understand that is human perspective. And this is the dilemma for all who turn to prayer and have perhaps a disappointment in not feeling their prayer was answered, or perhaps even heard. The answer is the prayer of a single person may be enough. But this is not guaranteed and the reason is you are one of many and there are many competing voices, many competing energies, and all have a say, all have some standing. Even the darkest of beings currently has free will and free agency granted by the divine. And so they do have a vote. So when you wish something to be changed, to be undone for the betterment of someone, you can make a request, and in fact if you do not request it will not happen.

This is a necessary step, a necessary requirement, if you want something good to happen you must ask for it. You may be lucky in having the intention to have that rewarded from behind the scenes with a divine instrument put into play to assist it in manifesting. But the strength of the desire grows exponentially when this is put into words, when this is put into a direct request to the divine. There are many people who would love to have the blessing of a spontaneous gift but it is not likely that walking down the street someone will stop their car and hand you a $10 bill. It is much more likely to happen if you draw a crude sign stating you are in need of money, can you help and sit on the curb. This is a crude example but it is speaking to the power of the requester. We honor and applaud this question because it is very much on point. You must ask, everyone must ask. And we can tell you that if the entirety of humanity would ask for the rescue of these unfortunate beings, it would happen and would happened immediately. They are still part of the experiment, part of the ongoing tug of war in the duality that has been launched.

So until enough requestors weigh in, the darkness has the advantage. There are many who are prepared through prayers and outreach of the loving thoughts of those aware of their plight, who are raised up and who are given assistance of all kinds, to deflect worse treatment, worse outcomes personally, worse pain for loved ones in the same dilemma and so forth. And the outreach has already been done by your channel to do spirit rescue for many from the slave colony who had perished and whose spirits have become trapped between planes and not returning to the light. And this is a tremendous blessing beyond your ability to comprehend. So all can help and all can be a force for good here. And by doing so, you will be raising your selves up as well, because all thoughts of love are returned with greater love from Creator. This is how the flow of energy works. There is never a love vacuum unless you wish there to be. If you give away love more will rush in to replace it and you will often receive more than you give out. So this is the way in which the shift in consciousness will proceed, and has proceeded up to this point. You can make an outreach and you will make a difference.

Each person who requests help for those under the oppression and subjugation will be hastening the day that the tipping point is finally reached to fully eradicate the negative influence. You may not see the reward for some time yet but every day taken off the calendar for the great turning, is a day with less pain, less suffering and torment.

That is a tremendous gift and there will be blessings for all who hasten that day and bring it forward. You are never acting alone, you are always being watched and cheered on from the divine, and all matters, all counts, and all will be recorded for all of time. Your actions and your lack of actions are all on record, and all matter and all will define your future in some way. You have many choices before you, and you always have had many choices. Those who are here now are the true winners they are still in the game they are still fighting the good fight. Many may fall along the way during your lifetime from your perspective, but from our perspective all are winners. All who choose to reach out in love and service to others will receive many, many blessings and all are doing the divine work.