DWQA QuestionsCategory: Divine CautionWhy can’t you and the “we” you speak of, intervene (to rescue people from extraterrestrial slave colonies)as these people/souls certainly cry out through need, prayer, and direct requests for your help? I believe this question is in reference to the channeling that was done with Ann Robards.
Karen Gore Staff asked 2 years ago

This is the central dilemma and the central test of faith to be sure. Faith in the divine is easy when all are well fed, the sun is shining, and the flowers are blooming, and one is relaxing and enjoying the delights of physical life. It is quite another matter when there are problems and calamities, when the crops have failed, when there is a drought that even limits water available for drinking, when there are marauders who want to steal all your possessions, and leave you unprepared for the harsh winter to come, and you then know your death is quite likely. And all of the harsh events that have happened again and again through all of recorded history, and prior to that as well, these are all tests of faith. And they serve a purpose here. The severity of this negative drama has been a function of the duality, and the nature of the extremes that it incorporates. This is not our choosing. It is a consequence that is perfectly predictable in the nature of duality itself. So when you have hot, you have cold, and so who determines the limits of those extremes? This is inherent in the dynamic of the energy of creation. If you can have wondrous miracles of rescue healing and empowerment, and creating glorious majestic landscapes and riches and abundance, this can all be washed away. And so the duality can create all manner of oppositional forces. For an up, there is a down. And this is true of all levels of human experience and expression, and true for extraterrestrial beings, and true for spirit beings as well.

So this is simply a consequence of this ongoing experiment to create a new type of being, the divine physical human, with total autonomy to see what will happen and set them loose. And this is true of the angelics as well, because there was an angelic cohort created in parallel to serve them. And the angelic cohort was the first to falter and they developed a downward spiral of negativity in their choices that made it quite difficult to surmount and return to their prior state of grace. And this eventually crept into the human experience as well, because these beings then became agents of depravity and not upliftment. So this is the general reason for all difficulty. It is not that you choose it. It is that you must experience it now, because it is part of your environment and part of your heritage. But this is not as bad as it seems because the purpose for this undertaking is the creation of god-level beings with autonomy and creative powers in their own right, who will have many, many blessings and a reach behind your current imaginings.

If you pass this test and succeed in gaining the upper hand over your own negativity and that of your compatriots, the goal will be achieved in what was envisioned in the creation of human, to have this autonomy and a divine multiplication of potential beyond your imagining. And which will extend throughout the universe, and will be a new source of divine joy and possibility that will replicate, and will spread, and will add tremendously to the experience throughout the universe for many, many beings.