DWQA QuestionsCategory: Channeling PitfallsWhy did the test questions from my client’s wife [name withheld] we asked her mother in the light cause distortion if they came from me and not the wife directly?
Karen Gore Staff asked 4 years ago

We understand your confusion because the questions were simple, they were stated simply, they would seem to have simple answers, and in fact that is what happened. The answers were in keeping with all of the above. They seemed straightforward, to the point, but in some cases, were inaccurate. The accuracy was not as much in misunderstanding the question as in being able to formulate a reply that itself would be translated correctly. The communication link is truly two-way. The information must come from party A, through the divine translation to party B, and then the answer from party B, must go through a translation to be received by party A. The extra complication is, there is a type of filtration that occurs, in addition, between each party and the divine.

It is not that we are often unable to understand the intention of the questioner and the person or being who replies. It is that we must stay within the boundaries of the human level in particular, and this, can apply to light beings as well, for all have their varying levels of development of capability, of insight, and of divine expression. All are in class, so to speak, and working their way up to extend and expand their reach, their comprehension, and their capability to engage with the universe in many novel ways. This is always a learning and growth process.

When the wife asks a question, it must be translated from her and within the context of her being and its limitations. Then when it is transmitted to the light being, it is given a translation yet again to the light being level of awareness. That is a second point of potential distortion, as the translator must find a way to match their energy and level of understanding for the communication to be satisfied. The energy of the translator has the intelligence to know it must be delivered in the local dialect, so to speak, in order to fulfill the intention for the communication. So, the translator does the best it can to fit the message into the ears of the recipient, so to speak. This may incur some degradation of precise meaning of the original question.

Then, when the recipient, in this case a light being, considers a reply, there can be the possibility of error always, because each moment there is a flow and flux of energies and there may be a misperception or a false assumption about the underlying purpose or meaning, and this may give rise to supplying a correct answer but to the wrong question, a question that was not truly asked. So, the reply coming from party B, in this case a light being, must be retranslated to the divine and then carried back to the questioner, and that message now in divine language, so to speak, must be retranslated prior to delivery into a suitable form perceptible, and understandable, and interpretable by the original questioner, and this is done within the context of their being, their limitations included.

There is no point in attempting to convey words for which there is no equivalent in their memory bank. So that would be like sending a foreign language transmission that would be unintelligible. So the final version has gone through multiple steps of translation and retranslation, including the difficulty of the parties themselves and the attentional limitations they may have in understanding what has been received, or what needs to be sent, and the ways in which they may respond to the information and color it in some way through an overlay of personal focus and various types of distortion from their prejudices, or simply based on their life experience in assuming there is a certain context and taking an educated guess but perhaps being wrong.

The emotional content will go along. It is subject to the same translation errors, so it can be modified or even exaggerated and strengthened with regard to the eventual impact it has or fails to have. There are multiple opportunities for engagement with error along the way, and things will creep in. The distortion from the mother in this case was twofold. First, coming from the wife harboring doubts about her mother’s willingness to cooperate and give truthful answers to questions, as much as doubting the ability of the channeling to make a connection. And so, this was as much about seeing if the mother would be willing to help and if she would be truthful in the process.

In coming to you, these questions then received an additional overlay of fear, as you, by virtue of prior concerns you have harbored, saw this as a test and potentially an acid test, so to speak, of the channeling validity. So much more was at stake than whether you would satisfy or potentially lose one particular client, in not trusting the process, or, perhaps having second thoughts and not wanting to take a risk. So that fear was added in as well. And many times, the Law of Attraction, as you know, will cause the worst possible outcome to occur because the individual harboring those fears will manifest them in some way. That was very much a factor here in setting things up in such a way that the question had an uncertain future as to whether it could be perceived, and then answered, and then re-delivered with 100% accuracy through each of these many steps of translation. This is an object lesson for you, but not meant as a discouragement. It is important for you to understand these dynamics and these potential complications. They need not be of great concern but can become important in certain situations.

In this instance, there were dual issues because of the human chain involving multiple persons, and that loaded the dice in a negative way. There was also concern by the light being, as well, to want to minimize negativity and difficulty, and in the process the light being in question, shielded herself from some of the meaning of the question, in not wanting to create an answer that would be alarming, and this resulted in some distortion, that then went into the chain of communication links. This seems a bit complicated but is very logical if you think about any process involving energy. When there are multiple influences, there will likely be some alteration, and this will have some consequence. In some cases, it is very minor. In others, it has more significance. But in this instance, it was not a detriment overall to the objective of your clients, and it need not be a negative influence on you as a channeler.

This is for you to ponder and consider, and as you come to grips with all that it means, you will see there is much room for inaccuracy to show up and confound things. This, is why, your instincts need to shepherd the process with great care, and to maintain control of the input and be sure it is genuine and heartfelt. These are quite important considerations, for a skeptic will always be disappointed, for it must be so, and this could undermine you and your reputation in the bargain. There are always risks to you in letting someone of an uncertain agenda into the loop. If you are careful, and you are the gatekeeper, so to speak, things will go much more smoothly because you have much learning, and seasoning behind you, and can remain steady now, and this is an important quality to ensure the accuracy of transmission and reception.