DWQA QuestionsCategory: ReincarnationWhy is my client [name withheld] waking up with anxiety? What is the reason she has dreams of celestial battle scenes and rescue scenarios?
Karen Gore Staff asked 3 years ago

The reason is quite simple and obvious to you intuitively, as you saw this representing a real event, and this was a past lifetime from her current perspective and timeline. But as you know also, everything exists simultaneously, so this makes the event she witnessed in her dream state quite real and quite vivid and having great impact emotionally because it, in fact, is fresh and occurring now to the witnessing portion of her mind engaged in the review of what was taking place. She has been involved in other star systems, and has a long history of doing legwork for advancing civilizations. This is the reason she is here at this time, as well, to be a lightworker and to advance the cause. She is having somewhat of a time of rest, for purposes of maintaining her own well-being, which is critical always.

There is no point to come in and be used up in such a way that recovery is an extreme burden and depletes the individual and diverts them for many, many, lifetimes, requiring a kind of hospitalization, so to speak. There are always rest periods interspersed, both time in the light and re-acclimation to earth plane, in settings where the challenges are not as severe so that the person can recover and regain their equilibrium and footing. In future incarnations they can be back in fighting trim, so to speak, and ready to press on with their primary objectives. This she is doing in her current life, to have somewhat of a rest.

This is not to say she is not contributing, for she is indeed, and this is having a great benefit. She is simply doing it in a particular way that allows her to stay behind the scenes with her conscious awareness and to not have a greater level of worry. Nonetheless, as you can see from her dream accounts, she cannot truly stay away, for her dedication is fierce and she very much wants to know everything and to be everywhere she might be needed. This has kept her combing the skies, so to speak, to be in touch and to stay engaged to the greatest possible extent, and that has caused some strain on her because of the lack of full awareness of her history and where she is at this time on her soul journey. You can help her to understand this more, and the virtue here for her is that she is blessed with many great victories and achievements in her past doings. And so, this is not a recuperation because of any failure, but rather because of successes. There needs to be a time to stand beside and not be the prime target and that is duly earned in this case. This would be quite useful for her and would help her greatly with the recuperation we have mentioned.

There are always woundings along the way. As you know, no one escapes the wheel of karma. When you venture forth in earth plane, there are severe challenges, and there are many wounds and long-term traumatic consequences to the future from having great suffering and feeling the weight and burden of authority, and responsibility, and witnessing the carnage, as so many are suffering, and the ability of a single person is often quite limited. The realization is important to convey that this is the norm not the exception. This is intended to be a group process, not a process that owes to a single or even many individual heroes, who save the day, who carry the load, who single-handedly fight the foe and beat back the armies. This is a group exercise, a group phenomenon of growth awareness, change, and the earning of autonomy. All will happen as a collective effort and all will benefit from the individual contributions of each conscious human. Her involvement and her contributions have been many, and this is continuing, so she is adding to the whole currently, and will continue, and the service is greatly appreciated and will be recognized for all of time.