DWQA QuestionsCategory: KarmaA client asks: “Almost two years ago I broke up with my longtime boyfriend. In the past, every time he betrayed me I had dreams of him with another person, and that’s how I knew something was not right. About three days ago I had the same dream, and I thought he must be with another person. I didn’t pay much attention to it, and later that day looking for some stuff online I saw that he posted information and it got my attention and I saw that he got married. It took me by surprise and it hurt me because he never wanted to marry me, he always said it was not the time. So now I have hate feelings and obviously, I want to tell him that I wish him ill, but I know that is not good to have those thoughts and feelings. All this time after we separated, he is always in my thoughts, and from time to time thoughts get more intense, and I have done cutting the cord, requesting divine help to heal and forgive and let go, but the thinking is still there. I am not with him anymore and I still get insight about his life.” Why is she experiencing these things, and what can we do to help her?
Nicola Staff asked 8 months ago

In spite of her de-cording, she is still entangled with him and this is because of her thoughts. She recreates the cording every time she thinks about him, so this is a habit that needs to be let go of for further healing to take place. Indeed, the withdrawal of love will often introduce feelings of hate in the one feeling harm, but the antidote for withdrawal of love is to find love somewhere else to fill the void, not to replace it with hateful feelings. That only undermines the being further and compounds the damage and acts as an impediment to restoring love in any fashion because love is simply not compatible with a hate-filled being. So the indulgence in dark thoughts is a slippery slope and needs to be avoided and worked against actively, if necessary, to redirect the intention and point of focus to something neutral at first and eventually, when able, to something positive that has a love basis.

There are many ways to nurture the self with loving frequencies and this includes many things that can be a distraction and in some cases a lifesaver to help a person restore their equilibrium and gain ground to recover from a lost love. Things like beautiful music, laughter from people having fun, comradery and friendship with others, even though not deeply and intensely focused on exchange of love, is still the next best thing because all humans, if they are in alignment, will give love to others freely with acts of kindness, respect, and a sharing of their thoughts and feelings, and that is a lofty exchange to be sure.

The reason for the almost obsessive ties to this man are karmic and stem from prior lifetimes with him. That is why the feelings run so deep and severing the ties is not so simple. The subconscious goes out to the akashic records to review those past lives with longing. This renews the cording. This keeps in the awareness through the intuitive reach she has, to bring in thoughts about him and feelings and an awareness of his doings even. This is what is showing up in the dream state with accuracy, that the karmic tie has turned against her yet again in an act of being unfaithful, as seen from her perspective, wanting him as she does.

The answer here is further healing work and your new Protocol provisions for a very thorough healing of the akashic records, the collective unconscious, and the thought plane will help to quiet down the consternation here, and in particular, the healing of the past life entanglements will go a long way to helping her separate from her focus on him to the exclusion of other possibilities for her life. It is holding her back and keeping her from forming new relationships because part of her mind will not let go of the past, that is the danger in having deep bonds that turn out to be misplaced. It is tragic on one level, but need not be so forever. That can be governed by the thoughts and feelings and willingness to move on when it is only sensible to do so. And this is certainly the case when love is unrequited—there is no benefit in worshiping at a shrine of someone who no longer cares, that is simply an opportunity to experience more pain and disappointment.

There is a vast and glorious future that awaits all of you, and no relationship, no matter how deep and profound, is a final culmination of possibility. There is always something different as well as something better down the line because life is about growth and expansion. The ability to give and receive love by human beings at any point during their lifetime is still limited compared to the light being, so you have much, much more to gain in future relationships, and this is not a time for mourning, but a time for looking forward with eagerness and great expectations and then things will come your way to satisfy your dreams.