DWQA QuestionsCategory: Extraterrestrial Mercenary Army Program (SSP)A client asks: “Is it safe and helpful for me to join and participate in the MAP Forum? Was I, in fact, a MAP Abductee and/or an Illuminati Mind Control victim in this incarnation and/or previous incarnations?”
Nicola Staff asked 5 months ago

Unfortunately, you do have a history with both of these enterprises. As such, it has created a significant healing burden within your makeup. You are very blessed in seeing beyond this control and seeking enlightenment as well as personal healing. This is the answer for you to regain your complete freedom and separation from any manipulation by outsiders. Because of this history, you are at risk, as many can be recalled to work in these programs once again through signaling, and the individual will be powerless to prevent this because it will reawaken an inner part of the mind they have commandeered, and continue to control by default once programming has been put in place to create a compartmentalized portion of the mind that can function separately and be recallable to step forward and take over and direct the body to follow orders, and carry them out without hesitation, and so on. This is the dark side of things. You have seen the light in knowing that profound healing is possible by reaching out to the divine. That is truly a gift you have and is an example of your remaining divine alignment.

Nonetheless, this tarnishing that has taken place through a manipulation, will take time to work through. In the meantime, you remain at risk of being influenced or interfered with by the interlopers if they come to know you are seeking to break free and sever your ties to them. This mandates taking particular care to be cautious and not to be visibly aligned with an enterprise working against their interests, especially something designed to undo their programming efforts. Too direct and visible an association with the MAP forum could backfire in this respect, because they may be able to find out your involvement and then reel you back in for further conditioning and manipulation, and this could give rise to some discomfort if they apply energies as a kind of disincentive to keep going with the association.

Because you are aware of the value of the Lightworker Healing Protocol and have availability to obtain assistance, this is the most important thing, whether you follow the progress of others and the discussions about the personal experiences of other recruits in their healing journey or not, you will benefit from healing directed for your benefit because that is done by the divine realm and carefully cloaked from observation, and will leave no traces behind. It is the safest thing you can do that has the ability to make changes within to counter the programming that has been instilled. Keep in mind that there is a karmic element to this as well. Because of your inability to say “no” on a subconscious level, the involvement and cooperation you have shown has created complications for you in breaking free and obtaining full resolution of these alterations.

But this is workable, and the divine realm can help greatly. When healing is launched for you with the Lightworker Healing Protocol in its current configuration, the work will continue across time with repeated applications. Each additional session done and initiated in the same fashion will double the energy of what was launched with the initial request, so you are in good hands already here, and this will help make a difference. It is simply the case that your high value for them demands being equally cautious to keep a low profile and not make waves to draw attention to your doings. The more healing that can be done behind the scenes, as it were, the more progress you will make in breaking free and truly gaining complete safety from any negative consequences of going against their wishes and constraints programmed within your mind even. This is always a delicate business and can be successful, but prudence is the better part of valor, and it is best to work indirectly and to be persistent but not become too visible.