DWQA QuestionsCategory: Divine GuidanceA client asks: “Many things are going well for me, except in a professional way. I have applied to many different jobs with no success, I feel very discouraged and somehow lost, I don’t know what Creator wants me to do, maybe I am looking in the wrong direction. Many recruiters contact me to offer a position but when I follow the steps to continue with the process they never call me back. All of this has made me raise many questions. Is this also a type of corruption that entities create making an individual lose hope, get depressed, are the recruiters the ones that are corrupted or are the companies?” What can we tell her?
Nicola Staff asked 2 months ago

This is not a conspiracy. There is not a widespread corruption of recruiters to sow disappointment by holding out false hope and not delivering services. This is a combination of factors for a variety of reasons. It is not owing to any hidden forces. It is simply a combination of human error, human focus, human commitment and efficiency and thoroughness to follow through on prior promises, and so forth. There is an advantage in being persistent, to not simply let things go but keep up a dialogue with such individuals so they know you will hold them accountable and you are in earnest and a serious candidate—not to pester, but to be thorough and professional, that you are detail person, you follow up on things and see to the details needed. That will help to elevate you in their thinking as they will appreciate your thorough professionalism and see you are in earnest and that will count in your favor as everyone wants an employee who is a self-starter and highly motivated to succeed.

There are some karmic elements to your career issues. That is a different matter and it can play into what happens with your attempts to network and find openings, and so forth. So the healing work you have done, and your channel will be doing for you in addition, can help as well to free up the logjam, but you still must take the initiative and be the driving force to take action and not assume things will come together in your favor on their own. You must always be the driving force to arrange success. The divine realm will be supportive, but we cannot force people to do things either. We can remove some roadblocks, but you must be there with your initiative, which is the most important element.