DWQA QuestionsCategory: Animal IssuesA client asks: “Yesterday, our dog experienced an extreme anxiety attack we have never experienced with her before. Something seemed to trigger her and brought her into this anxiety state that is still running. She keeps on being very fearful and is hiding in the garden. We even had to be awake the whole night to support and calm her down. We intuitively feel she is reliving her traumatic past lives and “hallucinates” that her perpetrators are in our house. We did a Lightworker Healing Protocol session for divine healing but she has not seemed able to get out of this fear loop yet.” Why is the dog acting this way, and seems unaffected by the LHP session?
Nicola Staff asked 6 months ago

You are seeing intuitively the nature of the difficulty here. It is not something real in the form of an outside consciousness or threat. It, indeed, is her inner awareness of a karmic dilemma that has come to mind and is greatly disturbing because it was a very unpleasant and painful episode in another lifetime she experienced directly. She has embraced this and not only had a strong negative reaction emotionally, but she is taking it to heart and considering it an important thing to work on. So this creates a great deal of focused attention, which in actuality is of little benefit to her and, in fact, more destructive. You can see this in the emotional toll it has taken and the fact it is refractory to divine healing requests using the LHP, and that is because of her free will choice to be embroiled with this struggle. That is the limitation here, that she, in effect, is keeping this issue alive by focusing on it. So in that sense, is claiming it as her own and, in effect, it has begun to define who she is in the current moment with all the liabilities it represents. This will have an impact even though it is truly memory and an energy of past experiencing. Nonetheless, the energetic signature of the past trauma is in the akashic record and can be absorbed and will generate a complementary energetic change within her in the current life. This is how emotional problems and physical maladies get going through old karma.

Your thoughts about the applicability of the latest version of the Lightworker Healing Protocol are the answer here as to what can be done now to help her improve. This can be brought about through her higher self and Creator working with her to reach out for help, and this can counteract her broad reaction to things her mind finds on its own in the akashic record and begins to worry about. A session with the latest version of the Lightworker Healing Protocol will be of help to carry the healing further for the particular past events that are the source of her distress.