DWQA QuestionsCategory: KarmaA client attends a Spiritualist Church where a psychic medium does readings on the individual congregation members as a part of the service, and deceased family members will often show up in spirit with a message for loved ones. Recently, the medium announced for her that her husband was there and also had a man with him in a purple shirt. Her husband said that he likes what she is doing with the man in the purple shirt and to keep going as it is helping. This client thinks the man in the purple shirt was me, as she has been avidly following my videos online in which I wear a purple shirt as a routine, and she had hired me previously to do a clearing for her whole family with the Lightworker Healing Protocol but did not include herself. Was this a correct interpretation of the presence of this “man in a purple shirt,” and if so, was this an extension of my soul making an appearance, or an intuitive impression that was impulsed to the psychic medium to describe?
Nicola Staff asked 2 weeks ago

As usual, your keen intuitive ability has shown you the truth, that this was, in fact, a message about you, courtesy of your client, brought by the divine realm not specifically as a reward to you, but as a double blessing to connect to the wife on the part of the husband in the light to give her a practical message of encouragement to take this very step to see that she got healing for herself as she had done in hiring you to help her loved ones. At the same time, by virtue of its very unusual set of circumstances, it does provide a further validation and divine pat on the back by honoring your work and making a visible display of approval, because of its effectiveness.