DWQA QuestionsCategory: Divine GuidanceA client [name withheld] asks: “Something is happening when I get continuous sinusitis and bad luck, bad timing. Every attempt to go forward I get a setback. It started when I went on a uni placement a few months back, staying in a very used flat. I have also launched a new business and I understand having photos up means people can focus energy on you. It’s for people involved with an extremely sensitive area. I actually feel like shutting the whole thing down as there is no market. Should I remove my photo?” What is going on, and what can we tell her?
Nicola Staff asked 11 months ago

As you know, we cannot tell people what they should do, as we cannot lead. Everyone has a free will and can make their own choices. That said, we understand the concern about putting herself on display. This has advantages and disadvantages. Personalizing a business is very, very, helpful because people will tune into the energy of the person by looking at their photo. This is part of how the mind works intuitively, and this will be more helpful than harmful. Her fear is what is getting her down. That is coming from within, not from an external source manipulating her, as through her photo for example. That being the case, what is needed is further emotional healing. Whether her business survives will be her own doing, a combination of the usual factors, whether there indeed is a market sufficient to be rewarding the effort, and then how the business is set up and conducted at all levels, and that often requires a careful orchestration of events with a requisite skill to have the proper professional appearance, and so on.

This is for her to devise and implement if she chooses. We cannot weigh in on its success or failure. That would be as much as telling her what to do, and that we are not allowed, by our own rules. She can ask for inner guidance with respect to this. That is allowable, so she can get coaching via her higher self by asking for this and it will help to clarify things. If she asks to be assisted in this way to help make the best decisions, the best plans, and the best strategies to implement those plans, the higher self can be quite useful in giving feedback and suggest alternatives for her to choose among. This is the next best thing. Instead of being told what to do, if you are given exposure to a good idea at an opportune moment, and recognize it as such, and embrace it, then it is your choosing and not our pronouncement. This is how her higher self will guide her along. If she searches her heart in asking for this feedback and support, it will be given to her. There are always things that can be done to lessen anxiety using your trauma resolution guided imagery work, and that would be of help to her as well.