DWQA QuestionsCategory: Limiting BeliefsA client’s very dear friend and employee has had stigmata happen on and off since 1994, and recently it is happening more frequently. The last go-round, he witnessed blood dripping from around her head, as if she were wearing a crown of thorns. Her comment was, “That’s what is happening, and the devil is beating me and all around me and I feel a strong negative vibe. Let’s pray more my brother. May God help us.” What is causing these symptoms and what can be done to best help her?
Nicola Staff asked 8 months ago

This indeed is a self-generated phenomenon. It is coming from the depth of her belief in the torment she is experiencing as being real. She has had a long history of spirit infestation. This has cultivated within her a belief she must suffer, and they are using the Christ image as a focal point for this to have her take on the torment of Jesus Christ in his darkest hour of suffering. This is quite diabolical and is a devastating self-inflicted punishment when people embrace this, because it has great power of belief behind it, and, as you know, nothing is worse than when a person is convinced they need to suffer. Their sheer force of will and power of consciousness holding dominion over themselves will see to it and will be very severe in many cases. This person needs Protocol work and subconscious channeling as well, to sort through this issue and help break this long-standing habit.