DWQA QuestionsCategory: Human CorruptionA cynical question for the guilty is, “Are you sorry for your transgression, or are you sorry that you got caught?” It seems few things elicit the dreaded “pangs of conscience” more than knowingly being hypocritical. But some people seem to have no problem with this, and might even view hypocrisy as a kind of “sport,” even pushing the envelope to see just how much hypocrisy they can get away with. In fact, this seems like an apt description of interloper behavior. What is Creator’s perspective?
Nicola Staff asked 4 months ago

People who live hypocritical lives are often far along the spectrum towards non‑alignment with the divine and, at the extreme end, live lives of depravity in major respects where there might be criminal conduct and exploitation of others. This all relates to the ability to have compassion and identify with the feelings of others who might be harmed by something, and to ignore their plight in service to the self in skirting around rules so one ends up gaining an advantage denied to others, will be reassured by their success, their greater security, and may even feel smug as it is, indeed, a reward to the ego to have that power and be able to exercise their influence to take advantage compared to people who are in more alignment and will not choose to disobey rules to gain an advantage and therefore suffer in comparison. But it is those who follow the rules and are in divine alignment who truly have the high ground. Those who break the rules and live according to a double standard they get away with through lying and false posturing to hide their misconduct are undercutting themselves and, in effect, digging a hole to lower themselves because the Law of Karma will reckon with their poor choices, and at some point they will need to pay a price to rebalance things thrown out of alignment by their misdeeds.