DWQA QuestionsCategory: Extraterrestrial Mercenary Army Program (SSP)A news report says that five rented vehicles used by the Secret Service during President Biden’s visit to Nantucket during the Thanksgiving holiday caught fire and were destroyed. The five vehicles included a Chevy Suburban, a Ford Explorer, an Infiniti QX80, a Ford Expedition and a Jeep Gladiator. So that rules out a common manufacturing defect being a fire hazard. It is bizarre in a number of other respects, such as how it spread from car to car, and only these five, not others parked there. The front ends, and engine compartments of the vehicles appear to have melted, which seems unlikely to happen from burning gasoline alone. It is reminiscent of the many toasted cars in Manhattan that burned on 9/11 even though they were not near the twin towers that collapsed. What caused these rental cars to burn?
Nicola Staff asked 1 year ago
As you saw intuitively, this was extraterrestrial mischief done in the same way as took place in New York City on 9/11, sending directed energy weapons beaming into the towers to cause their collapse. That was used as a training mission as well, and various personnel in the Mercenary Army Program of humans under the mind control of the extraterrestrials took turns taking over the weapon at various times during the day, and were not as artful and precise in directing and controlling the energies. This is why there were many scattered sites of damage not logically related at all to the fiery crash of the airliners within the World Trade Center proper. And as you know, that morning collapse was followed during the day by collapse of other surrounding buildings, none of which should have happened, even from catching on fire. And, like with these cars, it's not clear why all those buildings within the World Trade Center complex should catch on fire because the towers did not collapse in a ball of fire and burn like a bonfire with a huge conflagration that spread. There was only smoke and dust in the air with some fire in the middle of the debris pile. But yet, fires broke out with the burning of cars along adjacent streets and at an improbable distance, including 200 in a car park that was half a mile away. It happened with some fire engines on the scene, which were not under the building debris directly but they burned and melted in odd ways. That is the tip-off here. Every aspect you described is improbable. This was done deliberately and with the purpose to create an anomaly that would be noted and quite puzzling, given no official explanation, at least initially. And this is definitely an event intended to support the coming Disclosure that is planned. The Arcturian extraterrestrials who will come forward claiming to be your friendly benevolent extraterrestrial rescuers will be warning you about the evil Reptilian race of extraterrestrials that is harming you in your world. And they will have a series of such events to point to, that these advanced beings are not only malevolent but have advanced technology they can deploy without being seen, with no warning and no way for you to defend yourselves. And thus you will be duped into believing their story of wanting to help and surrender your free will sovereignty to them to be in charge of your future. If you do so, you will be doomed. It is that simple. If you side with the darkness they represent, we cannot help you, so this is not a trivial matter but a portent of dark things to come.