DWQA QuestionsCategory: Benevolent ExtraterrestrialsA practitioner asks if praying for benevolent extraterrestrials to create as messages with their crop circles more specific warnings about the dark Extraterrestrial Alliance would be of value?
Nicola Staff asked 5 months ago

Everything you do to hasten the problem of evil being solved through the healing and withdrawal of the perpetrators is worth doing. This is a lot to ask to be conveyed through crop circles, but it is important to ask nonetheless. There have been warnings of a high-level nature carried out previously. As we have explained, the extraterrestrials who are sympathetic to the human cause are not allowed to bring forth an answer as it must come from the human. So it will only be possible to give the warning part of this request, but that has benefit. The difficulty, as always, is that under such circumstances, working largely through symbolic means, the true meaning and message of the crop circles is subject to interpretation and to a misassignment of origin and purpose because it can be co-opted by the Dark Alliance as their own handiwork and represented as another gesture supporting disclosure. So this will not be a major advantage in solving the problem facing humanity.