DWQA QuestionsCategory: Extraterrestrial Genetic ManipulationsA student asks: “Is there anything sinister behind the commercial DNA testing services?” Is there misuse of submitted samples to track and identify people to target by the Extraterrestrial Alliance?
Nicola Staff asked 5 months ago

There is no direct involvement with any of these outfits and the Extraterrestrial Alliance. Keep in mind that the Extraterrestrial Alliance is routinely collecting everyone born, to track them and to analyze their DNA to see what has changed, compared to previous go-rounds on file for that soul. This is the quest of the alien Greys to understand what it takes to come back, and why the differences have occurred in the DNA sequence. And this is why the quest will be fruitless because they do not understand the metaphysics—that the workings of karma always play a role in configuring the DNA complement with each new incarnation. And that does not conform to the prior lifetime but will be dependent on the new life plan, to follow up on what has happened, and perhaps in lifetimes prior to that. So it is a bit more complicated than even they appreciate. So there is nothing to be concerned about here that one might be falling into a trap by submitting a sample. It is the intuitive awareness of the sinister plans underway to do DNA analyses, for ulterior motives, and then manipulate the DNA accordingly by the Extraterrestrial Alliance that is creating this suspicion, but it is simply that. It is a carryover from the concern about the alien agenda.