DWQA QuestionsCategory: PrayerA student asks: “Knowing your teaching that the more we know about a problem, the more powerful is our prayer intention, can you tell us if we are on the right track to develop “Mega Prayers” on selected topics, to give them some of the specificity and power of the Lightworker Healing Protocol? While not as powerful as the LHP, a Mega Prayer can be launched many times a day by focused launching of the code word, making it a powerful supplement to the LHP and could be done by many people who are not prepared to be dedicated healers.”
Nicola Staff asked 8 months ago

We think this is a fine idea. It is taking the wisdom and knowledge you have gained in understanding the Lightworker Healing Protocol and its many specifications to define what is needed and how to go about bringing healing to address the problem and working that into the prayer scenario which, in effect, the Lightworker Healing Protocol is because it represents a multistep high-level prayer request as stated by the originator. There is nothing wrong with taking the basic principles and streamlining them in a way to have a practical but powerful framework to increase the reach and effectiveness of any individual prayer request. This is a logical next step in the evolution of teaching people how to pray more effectively. The idea of a generic framework of this kind will have many adherents and will play a very special role in human self‑empowerment once the idea spreads more widely.