DWQA QuestionsCategory: Coronavirus COVID-19A viewer asks: “Dear Source Creator, the Pleiadians have said through a Barbara Marciniak channeling, many things about the vaccinations, including vaccinations are good for no one, that there may be a delayed 18-month inflammation response health problem, and that the vaccines are implementing an operating system into the human body. These comments about the vaccines are the antithesis of your point of view on them, which is that they have more benefit to people and the reactions are minimal for most (I’m paraphrasing). Would you comment on the Pleiadians’ point of view?”
Nicola Staff asked 2 months ago

We would say you are paraphrasing in terms of both sources of information. The channeling itself being produced by Barbara Marciniak is a paraphrasing as well of the information she is being given and then turns into words through her own perceptions and, in effect, a kind of filter based on her knowledge and understanding of things. There is in actuality little difference between the two channeled sources here, other than to say that the sweeping negative assessment you state here is overbroad. While COVID-19 ends up being a minor inconvenience for many infected individuals, it is lethal for some. To have received a prior vaccination that prearms the immune system to ward off highly serious bodily responses ending in death, and helping a person only have a mild course of illness or no symptoms at all, is definitely receiving a benefit.

We have commented before about the negativity of her messages in looking at the deeper aspects of the intentions for the Vaccination Program, and in fact the biowarfare aims behind the introduction of this viral scourge in the human population. They are pointing out that becoming vaccinated will guarantee you are marked for destruction because all vaccinated individuals will be receiving a nanochip that acts as a transponder that can be scanned for, so roving extraterrestrial vessels and their human minions in the Mercenary Army Program can pinpoint exactly where humans might be hiding and this will guarantee human annihilation—that is the chief concern behind the comments they are sending to Marciniak—they desperately want to prevent human annihilation because their future existence depends on the present continuing, so the fewer people who are vaccinated, the better their future will become, looking at that aspect in isolation at least.

We never said that the side effects of vaccination are trivial, we explained very carefully there are both trivial and non-trivial side effects. Some people will, indeed, have quite serious chronic problems but those are in a very low percentage of vaccine recipients, so that the benefit of the majority will outweigh the minority of people who are harmed by the vaccine itself. The benefit obtained is that some people will still be alive who are vaccinated but otherwise would not be. To us, that outweighs the downside of having some people who have a chronic autoimmune condition subsequent to vaccination, even if it plagues them for many years. So you are not being fair in your analysis through not having studied carefully all we have been saying about the vaccinations through a series of channelings, or at least misremembering.

We are simply careful in what we do to not overstate things, to not create a false impression such that people will reject vaccination entirely out of hand because there are some who will be harmed—that would represent a greater liability than to live with vaccination and its problems, particularly when the uniform liability for all who receive the vaccine, to have themselves be tagged so they can be located readily by an annihilation squad, can be neutralized through the work of the Lightworker Healing Protocol so it becomes a non-issue.

There are many times with the channelings from this source, when they are weighing in on a subject at hand from a very, very narrow perspective but not stating those restrictions in context, and this is unfortunate because the audience will not perceive the nuances but will take the message at face value from their own way of thinking, and their interpretation will not be warranted and is being created through a lack of precision in the channeled communication—that is why it is good what you are doing to come to us and ask for a further analysis and explanation of the seeming discrepancies so we can at least put our views in the proper context.

We do not wish to criticize others nor condemn them, but we have said many times before, that channeling is an art, and there are potential sources of error for all channelers, so one needs to be careful in taking any particular message, particularly one that seems broadly categorical, and assuming the darkest interpretation is the intention. It might be an overstatement that is simply done through the vagaries of needing to convey a message in answer to a channeler’s general question that becomes refined through the particular intentions of the moment, both of the channeler and the Pleiadians responding to the questions from their own perspective as well.