DWQA QuestionsCategory: Human ClonesA viewer asks: “Do humans have any kind of medical technology that would allow the identification of alien Grey/human hybrid children?”
Nicola Staff asked 10 months ago

There is nothing available that would be usable as a diagnostic indicator. The best way to discern the status is intuitively, and that is something science does not address in a formal way nor believe in other than some fringe research efforts by a few investigators, but science is not aware of the problem so there will not likely be an advancement along those lines either. There would be an ability to discern this through autopsy, but it is not likely that will happen because any hybrid or clone that becomes non-functional is quickly sequestered by the Extraterrestrial Alliance to prevent further scrutiny. Keep in mind that the plans for the annihilation are within the next five years, so any hybrids and human clones being produced, or which have been created and are in the field, will naturally live far longer than the expected turning point to bring things to a head.