DWQA QuestionsCategory: Extraterrestrial Mind ControlA viewer asks: “How much (percentage-wise) of the New World Order planned agenda is Anunnaki, and how much is human? Are the Anunnaki micromanaging?”
Nicola Staff asked 2 weeks ago

The term “micromanaging” is quite ill-defined and in particular is difficult to apply to workings of the Extraterrestrial Alliance. They endeavor to control things with an iron grip and are more intrusive and manipulative and a determining factor in things than humans appreciate currently. Even those who understand the paradigm will undervalue their grasp and forcefulness in bringing about desired events done by humans themselves. So we would say more than 90% of the overall broad agenda is inspired and orchestrated by the Extraterrestrial Alliance. It is only items of petty concern that may have a humanitarian goal or benefit in mind for a select group or groups of individuals needing assistance, and so on, that are outside their sphere of concern. But all of the big decisions will be following a deliberate plan that is worked out years in advance to incorporate all major undertakings.

There are always spontaneous targets of opportunity that come along and then a plan might be concocted on the fly, so to speak, to take advantage of a window of opportunity and start a new enterprise or a side project to cause harm to someone. But by and large, the humans are doing exactly what the extraterrestrials want. It is because their plan is to have a high degree of infighting, disagreement, friction, and many confusing circumstances when people end up working at cross-purposes that makes it hard to see the truth. That is the cleverness of their approach because it creates both the illusion that free will is in effect and that there is nothing particularly profound or insightful about the planning itself, as so many times things fail or are less productive and efficient as hoped because people are not assuming that any higher-level planning is for the detriment of humanity, but that is always the case—they are never helping humans but only hurting. If they do something that ends up as a benefit, it will be by mistake and lack of vision in anticipating the unexpected consequences.