DWQA QuestionsCategory: Extraterrestrial AgendaA viewer asks: “I just encountered a chilling video outlining a population reduction/annihilation plan called Spars Pandemic 2025-2028. It was presented as a war-gaming scenario that actually seems to be currently unfolding in a 2020-2023 timeline. Could you please ask Creator if this document accurately reflects the plans being enacted?”
Nicola Staff asked 2 months ago

This is not a literal war plan taken from the Extraterrestrial Alliance, but a kind of shared perspective on what might happen which has extraterrestrial influence, and that is why it resonates so with reality. So it is not a precise blueprint that will show identical sequences of events and consequences, but serves as a kind of disinformation by highlighting the perspective that global pandemics are to be expected and need to be planned for accordingly, because they will be coming, and so forth. This makes the unnatural seem natural, and thus serves the dark agenda of the interlopers, to acclimate humans and lower their expectations even as they are increasing fear—both outcomes serve the interlopers nicely from their depraved perspective.