DWQA QuestionsCategory: Channeling PitfallsA viewer asks: “Please tell me if the teachings of the figure channeled by the woman I’ve been following, are truth or at least parts of the truth?”
Nicola Staff asked 2 months ago

All corrupted channelers deal largely with the truth. This is the cleverness of the approach of the interlopers. If they were to corrupt everyone in a way to make them turn away from a spiritual perspective totally, no one would wish to follow them because it would be seen at once there is something deeply wrong because what they say does not ring true. Accordingly, a high percentage of what corrupted channelers will offer will be in divine alignment, it is only that there are limitations on what they will be able to connect to and offer as wisdom to others.

This is why they can deceive so many listeners and viewers, because much of what they say will have the ring of truth, because it is true. The danger is that, occasionally, there will be a poison pill inserted and will not be noticed at the time because the followers will trust in their leader totally and absorb everything without skepticism. That is why corrupted channelers have value to the darkness, because their acolytes will become corrupted in turn over a gradual exposure to disinformation that works its way in. If only in avoiding greater depth or not providing novel and effective answers for solving problems, this hand-holding and manipulation serves the darkness very effectively. It is sort of like neutering them to keep them complacent and focus solely on sweetness and light, and false promises of great things to come with no involvement or obligation on the part of the listener to do anything in particular, but to be merely a spectator in the wonders that will be unfolding.

This is a disempowerment and, in fact, leaves you on the gallows with a noose around your neck waiting for the signal to be given for your annihilation. The channelers will never see this coming and will not be in a position to warn you. This is why things that have high-level appeal may be not what they seem. It is a poison pill that has a sugar coating so it will go down easily, but its damage will begin and over time will take a toll on people who are drawn in, thinking they can trust such sources because they sound good and make the person feel good. You need to look deeper and consider the big picture. That is what we are offering through GetWisdom as an antidote for the corruption.