DWQA QuestionsCategory: Coronavirus COVID-19A viewer asks: “With so much conflicting information about COVID and vaccinations, I’ve become so unsure how to recognize what is truth and what is misinformation. Is it beneficial to my health to take the vaccine or will it create greater health or societal problems in the future? Is the risk of not receiving the COVID vaccination greater or more problematic than the risks of getting it?”
Nicola Staff asked 3 months ago

The problems from the vaccines can be minor or serious in nature, the problems from the viral infection can be minor or serious but the frequency of experiencing illness, and in some cases death, is far greater than the liability from the vaccines themselves. This is why we have not warned people to avoid vaccination, it does work for a majority of individuals, it is not a guaranteed protection, it can be overridden with a significant exposure to the virus that swamps the immune system defenses generated by vaccination. This must be a personal decision made by each individual considering their age and other health factors that would put them in a low-risk category or a high-risk category, and then to consider the question of gaining the benefit of freedom from worry and the likelihood of having a symptomatic bout of infection if they are vaccinated, and so on.

In addition to the possibility they are one of the people who might have a fatal outcome, even when known risk factors are not present, there can never be certainty about how your individual system will respond to the insult. There can be deep karmic vulnerabilities because of the widespread involvement all humans have had through the ages with scourge after scourge from microbial pathogens of all kinds used as a bioweapon to undermine humanity. Those deep wounds are still present and as yet unhealed. This can ramp up the bodily response and make it much more challenging to overcome the infection, not to mention the significant incidence of long-term suffering in many who become infected and have symptoms persist for months. There are also future increased liability once people have had a bout of infection with the SARS-CoV-2 virus, such that a subsequent illness might be more devastating. So to prevent an infection in the first place could change your destiny even though it is taking some risk of side effects.