DWQA QuestionsCategory: Subconscious MindA viewer writes: “Back in the late 80s, I hypnotized a friend and directed him to connect with a parallel self of mine. The nature of the request was to connect with a parallel self who had made over a million dollars doing “hypnosis” for a living. My friend reported seeing a fellow “who was me, but not me.” There was a lot of similarities, but some real differences as well. For one, this particular “self” was much more extroverted and outgoing than I was. He described how he made his million, and it was an amazingly plausible and fascinating story! The conversation finished with the parallel self cautioning me that his path, while “instructive” was not MY path. My path was to be different and uniquely mine. Was my subject connected to an actual “parallel self” of mine, or an imposter—an Anunnaki psychic?”
Nicola Staff asked 2 months ago

Unfortunately, this was a product of a self-creation on the part of the colleague simply wanting to please the conscious self and the friend making the request. This explains why so many such undertakings using hypnosis without a spiritual framework will fall short because they may get results that seem impressive, and then the idea spreads and others will try this, and having those expectations, the subconscious may well chime in and create what it believes is possible and not realize it is actually creating a falsehood that is unwanted. So it is not an inner tendency to lie or misrepresent things, it is just a simpler level of the mind wanting to be helpful and doing its best to please. So this exercise cannot be relied on to represent reality.