DWQA QuestionsCategory: CreatorAn atheist asks: “God can’t be all-powerful if it is constrained by reality to the extent that it cannot meaningfully intervene to prevent what we see is pure evil. How is childhood leukemia a good thing, why cannot an all-powerful God prevent it from occurring?”
Nicola Staff asked 1 year ago

The reality here is Creator can indeed prevent leukemia and can cure it and do so instantly. But the reality of the world is that leukemia exists in the first place because of human negativity. We did not create humans to be negative and to damage their own bodies by being negative and by hurting one another, to create a karmic debt that will further undermine them, often through physical discord of the body, to create opportunities for a life lesson. But this is built into the way the world works. We do not pick and choose who suffers. It is the humans themselves who pick and choose their existence and its terms. This is often done without conscious awareness, being inherited through a karmic legacy, but nonetheless is their doing. The fact you are in a state of ignorance and do not understand these principles is your penalty for that very ignorance and the very reason why you need to listen to the teachers who would raise you up through understanding, so you understand the importance of healing and its potential to heal all of your future.

This will change everything with the growth that comes, but you must choose it. There are many reasons for the child having leukemia. It can be a lesson to the parents who may have squandered an opportunity in the past and neglected their offspring, and now in a life where they very much treasure the arrival of a child as a blessing, will lose that child and suffer great pain commensurate with the absence of love for the neglected child in the prior life. This is karma, the wheel of karma coming back around to bring the energy of past negativity to its source as a learning opportunity. This could be a rebalancing for that child itself if it has done some wrong to another and then has its life circumscribed in this way as a means to rebalance things by experiencing a corresponding loss in some fashion. There is always a deep meaning to things and nothing is arbitrary or occurring by chance, there is always a purpose and the energies are informed all along the way by the interplay of karma amongst all present, directly and indirectly, both. It is a complex tapestry of possibilities and potentials that become quite powerful and compelling and can only be altered through divine intervention.

We can be the saving grace through your prayerful requests to help you resolve a karmic dilemma that you have created. We do indeed understand your suffering and do not derive any pleasure from seeing you suffer, but part of the learning here is for you to understand, learn, and accept spiritual principles and grow sufficient belief. We can honor a request to intervene on your behalf. The greatness you seek from us to be all powerful, all knowing, and all loving needs to be matched to some degree by greatness within you. Even though impaired and suffering in some way and in pain, you must have the greatness within to believe in your own divinity, your own standing, as worthy of divine support and intervention. And have the learning and understanding and belief in the Divine to reach out with sincerity in the fullness of that belief to request our help. We simply cannot do everything for you. If you stumble, you must regain your footing. You will be given many opportunities to do so and that is our gift to you, but you will still need to make it happen and eventually find a way. This is the learning you must endure to achieve the greatness that is your potential.