DWQA QuestionsCategory: Coronavirus COVID-19An osteopathic physician and frequent spokesperson on the Internet says there are at least 10 ways that the SARS-CoV-2 mRNA vaccines can cause serious side effects in human recipients. Is this the case, or an exaggeration? Why is she beating this drum?
Nicola Staff asked 1 year ago

This is a large exaggeration that she is propounding in her catalog of aberrations that could result from the mRNA vector employed with some of the new vaccines currently in use. While there are possibilities of autoimmune reactions, this will be a low incidence and will mostly be minor in severity. That could change in some individuals if not noticed and revaccination is done that could compound things, but this will be noticed and noted with regard to precautions and eventual contra-indications, as individuals are flagged with having such an abreaction, so there will not be future re-exposure to the vector. That is the key in minimizing long-term effects. Most of the potential negative consequences, if they occur at all, will be limited in magnitude and will be short-term only. They will not become chronic and persistent aberrations that could result in pathology developing over an extended period of insult because that will not happen.

She is pursuing this because she is being manipulated to do so in order to sow doubt and fear and confusion. As you know, the interlopers work both sides of the street. Even though they want to have everyone vaccinated in order to receive the locator chips added surreptitiously to use for tracking where humans are located at the time of the future annihilation that is planned, they will use the atmosphere of the pandemic and the turmoil and many sources of fear swirling about, to add exaggerated fear of the vaccines into the mix. This has multiple benefits as it is used already as a cover story for their degradation of function in infants resulting in autism, by causing it to be blamed on the vaccines, so they are working to engineer cover stories here as well, and also to discredit whistleblowers. The more people in that category they can manipulate to spread wild-eyed stories that the intent of the vaccination is to cause a mass genocide of the population, the more such whistleblowers will end up with egg on their face and be discredited. So this is a strategy that works more in their favor than not, even though they would seem to be disparaging something they want to see happen, namely, more vaccination. If they can create propaganda through a smear tactic of their adversaries blowing the whistle on their doings, it is irresistible, and that is what is taking place here. This individual is being used as a tool of the darkness to create fear and uncertainty about the medical establishment at a time when it is indeed saving many lives.