DWQA QuestionsCategory: Extraterrestrial AgendaAre actual dramatic “pole shifts” real? If so, when was the last one, and how dramatic was the shift? Is this something that could be triggered with extraterrestrial technology?
Nicola Staff asked 2 months ago

This can be triggered by extraterrestrial technology and is the reason this happened in the past at the time of the Fall of Atlantis. This was accompanied by dramatic Earth changes and that was a reflection as well of the perturbation of the Earth’s geomagnetic field and resulted in a shift in the polar tilt altogether. This created quite a disturbance compared to the historical experiencing of various regions of the planet. It is the disruption to the electromagnetic energy field itself that causes the harm. It matters not to the planet where the poles we know of today may have been located or will be located with regard to the angle of the planet facing the Sun, and so forth. It matters to the life forms present because that will have effects on local temperature and weather patterns and throw everything into a new configuration if the tilt is significantly large. This will perturb Gaia as a whole because it is a sum total of consciousness in flux and that rate of flux can be increased greatly if there is an outside force disturbing things sufficiently. This is never desired or sought but can happen as a result of a kind of victimization. That was the case here, there was a disturbance to cause the polar tilt in question.

There is one that has been underway again but of a milder degree. This is well known by science and is quite real but at the moment is not planned to increase further. There are other issues the Extraterrestrial Alliance is looking towards as the final solution for human destruction. They are not interested in destroying the planet—that will only complicate their human extermination plans. So this will be a gentler exercise with respect to Gaia as a whole even despite the fact it will be more effective in eliminating human life if this is allowed to happen.