DWQA QuestionsCategory: Human CorruptionAre any of the attacks on her property being done by spirit vandals or poltergeists?
Nicola Staff asked 2 years ago

This is not the case. It is being done by clever criminals, who are adept in the art of burglary, as well as various acts of intimidation. They know how to time their attacks, and how to carry them out, without leaving traces that could lead to an arrest, let alone a prosecution. It is possible to locate in a high-security building to achieve somewhat greater safety. This would reduce frequency of the harassment at her home but would not likely eliminate it. There are ways to breach most types of security, and the criminals are quite skillful in this. So it would be a quite costly non-solution in the end.  Determined criminals can cause all sorts of mischief, indirectly, and by the time you see their latest trick it is too late, because the trap is sprung. This also would be seen as provocation by the warped mind of this perpetrator, and would inflame things, and would be taken as a kind of challenge, and he would rise to the occasion and double down, so to speak. So things might get out of hand. This she does not want. The provocations heretofore have been low-level ones—a nuisance because of fear and distraction, and some interference with relationships and stability in her life, but not rising to the level of direct physical harm, and that would not be the direction to make things head. It is better to retreat than to sally forth against a superior foe, both in power, and in numbers.