DWQA QuestionsCategory: Extraterrestrial Corruption of Human InstitutionsAre jurors in high-profile criminal cases subjected to extraterrestrial mind control and/or spirit meddler influence to arrive at verdicts that are wrong to help evil-doers or cause disenchantment with the legal system? Any examples we can talk about?
Karen Gore Staff asked 2 years ago

As you have seen intuitively, this is quite correct. Both things happen. The spirit meddlers make a sport of intruding on human affairs whenever they can. They do this by sending dark thoughts at all times in all ways to be a counterposing force, and this influence can build within a person and become, in some instances, a quite significant influence on the person’s feelings and behavior. Whenever important things are being done or decided and the stakes are the highest you can count on the spirit meddlers to be there in earnest to cloud judgment, to throw a wrench into the works, so to speak, to whatever extent they can, and to interfere with justice has great appeal to them. Because of their focus on dark doings, they are always sympathetic to perpetrators and cheer them on. So they delight in finding the guilty innocent.

This is also arranged many times with verdicts by juries in both directions, depending on the agenda of the extraterrestrials, in seeing someone punished unfairly who they want to be restricted by taking them out of the picture through incarceration or being disgraced publicly.

They may also see value in having someone exonerated when there is a preponderance of guilt from the forensic evidence and eyewitness testimony showing this to be the case, to influence a jury to the contrary and cause widespread consternation, and doubt in the legal system itself does serve their agenda and is a kind of sport for them as well. They delight in pulling the rug out from under humans and this is yet another way they can spoil things and cause fear, confusion, and misgivings about human institutions.

This has been a factor in every famous trial that has wide press coverage. By the same token, you can make the assumption that anything receiving press coverage receives a corresponding mind control manipulation in some way or another to affect the events in question, to sow discord and chaos, or to cause alignment in some way favorable to the extraterrestrial agenda, but just as often ramping up passions on multiple sides of an issue to get humans scratching their heads in bewilderment or becoming incensed and confronting one another, to argue and disagree, and in many cases, turn to violence if they are vulnerable enough to be manipulated to carry this out.