DWQA QuestionsCategory: Extraterrestrial AbductionsAre many types of ET’s working together in the human abduction phenomenon?
Karen Gore Staff asked 2 years ago

This is very, very true. There is an alliance of the Anunnaki, who were here first, to manipulate human with the Reptilians, and with the Arcturians who in turn created the alien Grey beings. The Greys are a robotic creation, they are soulless beings, they are a type of artificial intelligence. But the Arcturians who are called Nordics by many, or assumed to be from other stars, such as Aldebaran or Orion, and so on, are in this to the hilt. The abductions are carried out by Arcturians, the Greys, and Reptilians, sometimes all three together, sometimes one participant singly, or where two might be visible to the abductees but not a third, and that is because of the sheer volume of the enterprise. Whoever is available to fill a need may be pressed into service but they are all working in concert.

They work on this for varying agendas. The Greys want to understand the soul and want to be able to reincarnate and persist as a lineage and to have a consciousness that continues beyond their normal working life. That is a pure folly as it will not happen, but they have been manipulating human with that intention in mind. They are being indulged by the Arcturians by giving us to them as a kind of reward, to let them do this tinkering. They assist as well and there are advantages to them personally and they see a role for them as well in exploiting Earth down the line. The Reptilians want the planet to themselves and are elbowing their way in to have a stake in things. The Anunnaki still intend to take the prize and push the others out down the line. There are mixed motives and agendas and the Alliance is in place at the moment and may not always be. There have been wars before among these current partners. Those are the players with the abductions.

It is not done by any physical extraterrestrial who is benevolent. There are no physical benevolent extraterrestrials currently in earth plane. That’s the way it is. If people claim to see and be with a physical extraterrestrial of a benevolent nature they are being misled. There may be others with different physical appearances, but keep in mind that the Reptilians are shapeshifters and can create any kind of appearance they desire, including being a perfect replica for a human being. It is no bother for them to replicate the life form of another extraterrestrial but within that physical shell will still be a Reptilian, intent on doing damage and doing a subjugation and elimination of human in the end.